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Week 11 Ballot Madness

Each Wednesday we get the task of bringing forth to the masses the two things we do here at OTP that matter outside this site, the CBSSports Blogpoll and the SEC Power Poll. Let’s get it on…

This week’s edition of our Blogpoll ballot:

This week’s edition sees us unfortunately need to right the ship a bit as we buy back in to teams we bounced after horrific losses. Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech are back in after promptly being shown the door after putrid stretches. Despite the losses, they’re still great teams, and worthy of inclusion. The same cannot be said for Houston (#10), Utah (#14), Arizona (#16), Southern Cal (#17), South Florida (#18), and Auburn (#23) who were all bounced out of the poll. Will this win us some award from Brian the MGoBlog creator and Poll czar for too much swing or being captivated by inappropriate results? Probably. But don’t blame us… blame the teams who proceeded to define themselves as posers. Houston and Utah could make a case to stay, but it’s a weak case. At best. And now for the SEC…


We here at OverThePylon were asked to be a voting member in the SEC Power Poll this season hosted by Team Speed Kills. It’s a collection of the best and brightest SEC blogs throughout the college football landscape. Each week we’ll be posting our ballot, and an expansion of the little blurbs we have to put forward with our votes.

General Power Poll Philosophy
In general, it wouldn’t really make sense for us not to start off with the teams already ranked on our CBSSports Blogpoll. So that’s the starting point. From there it’s an exercise in resume evaluation, accomplishments, and expectation. Some use their Power Poll as an evaluation of who would win on a neutral field given the teams’ recent performances while their poll ballots are a combination of where the teams started, how they’ve done, all balanced with preseason expectations. Our Power Poll ballot is a nice hybrid of the two, as is our Blogpoll Ballot. Off we go with this week’s ballot…

  1. Alabama: Tide rolling along, but will be challenged by Auburn before their SEC title game.
  2. Florida: Neck and neck with Bama. SEC Championship set, Gators with no significant tests to end 09.
  3. LSU: When you’re a top 10 team and only 3rd best in your conference, that says quite a bit about the SEC.
  4. Ole Miss: Dexter McCluster beat Tennessee, not the Rebels. McCluster clocks in at 1-0 for the season.
  5. Auburn: A loss to Georgia isn’t that bad… as long as it was good Georgia and not bad Georgia.
  6. South Carolina: New uniforms, same old results. Another loss to Florida
  7. Georgia: Georgia has two games remaining against Kentucky and Georgia Tech. With any luck, they’ll be 0-2.
  8. Kentucky: Cats beat Vandy, get Bowl eligible, resounding, “Who cares?” by everyone not wearing Wildcat Blue.
  9. Arkansas: You beat a SunBelt team big. Congrats?
  10. Tennessee: Vols need one win between Vandy and Kentucky to make a Bowl. Please, baby Jesus, don’t let this happen
  11. Mississippi State: Winning out makes the Bulldogs Bowl eligible. A longshot for sure but doable.
  12. Vandy: The good news for Vandy is that 09 is almost over. Seriously… that’s the only positive thing

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