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Ball State Announces Future Opponents

Granted, it’s a game week and we’re focused on Central Michigan. However, when a piece of news like this is confirmed, it’s simply too good to wait. Ball State has announced it’s future schedules, next year in complete form, future years in tentative form, with some vacancies on the schedules a couple years out.

The dirty details…

Sept. 11 (Sat.) LIBERTY
Sept. 18 (Sat.) at Purdue
Sept. 25 (Sat.) at Iowa

Sept. 10 (Sat.) at South Florida
Sept. 24 (Sat.) ARMY

Sept. 8 (Sat.) at Clemson
Sept. 22 (Sat.) SOUTH FLORIDA
Oct. 27 (Sat.) at Army

Aug. 29 (Thurs.) at Illinois State
Sept. 7 (Sat.) ARMY
Sept. 14 (Sat.) at North Texas

Sept. 6 (Sat.) at Iowa
Oct. 4 (Sat.) at Army

Sept. 12 (Sat.) Middle Tennessee State

Sept. 1 (Thurs.) at Middle Tennessee State

Oct. 7 (Sat.) ARMY

Yes… that’s right boys and girls… Ball State has scheduled a home and home with an FCS opponent (Illinois State in 2013). The last FBS team to do that? Florida International played host to Louisiana-Lafayette in 2001.

The 2010 schedule is quite confusing, namely because the Cardinals open the season with 2 FCS opponents, only one of which can count towards Bowl eligibility. Granted, being Bowl eligible after a potential 1-12 season does seem like a bit of a longshot, but who knows. After those it’s back to back Big 10 opponents in Purdue and Iowa. At least those two will pay well.


4 Responses

  1. Turrible, just turrible. We’ll probably touch more on this in the OTPCast, but 2 FCS teams in 2010? Might as well turn in your FCS-member application along with it.

  2. Interesting – Clemson in 2012.

  3. At least we should be able to beat SEMO and Jerry Fallwell’s Bible thumpers to start off next season right.

  4. I’m really impressed with that OOC schedule Cardinals. I would like to thank your athletic director and that puppet of a head coach, Stan Parrish, for demeaning the MAC. It was bad enough last year when you played a less than stellar OOC schedule on your way to a 10-0 start. The national press ate you alive for your weak credentials. So, what do you do next? You schedule two FCS teams at home to start the 2010 season. Not one, but TWO. So, you look like crap to outsiders; you put a 116 rated SOS on the board; you bring down the rep of the MAC by playing all these high school squads; and the MAC West teams get what for beating you??? I hope you lose both those games to start the 2010 season, then travel to the two BigTen games and get hammered. Nothing is more deserving than an alleged D1 program trying to act all that by playing a piddle sh!t schedule and then claiming to be a BCS buster. Karma is a killer Stan Parish. Quit humiliating the BSU faithful and your team members. You think athletes come out of hs looking for a D1 scholarship so they can go home and tell all their friends how they played against SE Missouri State and Liberty. How they went on the road to play against the D1 powerhouse, Illinois State. Impressive. I’m sure that will get you inside 1000’s of recruit homes. And when you lose, don’t think that your schedule won’t be used against you on the recruiting front. Of course, you Mr. Parrish, will be canned by then and the next real coach with personal prided and self respect will have to clean up the mess. Way to go Cardinals!!

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