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Stan’s Coaching Contract


$350,000? But I have a plan!

One of the most debated issues in Cardinal Nation this season has been Stan Parrish’s ascension to the top spot in the coaching ranks. The former offensive coordinator was promoted as Brady Hoke headed west young man, to the San Diego State head coaching job.

There’s been rumors, innuendo, and occasional outright lies about what exactly Stan is being paid, how he’s being compensated, and what he’s getting. Lucky for us… we have a copy of his contract.

Stan Parrish Contract (<– pdf link requires a pdf viewer)

Now, what you’ll see upon clicking that baby above are the ins and outs of Stan’s bargain basement discount pricing for his football coaching services. Most notable, is the incorrect assumption that Parrish was paid $360,000 as he is actually paid $350,000. Sort of renders the whole SP360 thing incorrect, no? It’s splitting hairs, but if we’re giving offensive nicknames based on what people are earning, I’d at least want to get them right.

Stan also gets a car, but perhaps most important, according to the contract is that Stan has final say and power in regards to the schedule. With the massive kerfuffle brewing over BSU potentially trying to duck Iowa, there appears to be one person to blame. Surprising also is that he only gets $500 for the Nike shoes that the team wears. Small potatoes in my opinion for trotting the Cards out in be-swooshed gear, especially when compared to cross-state brethren Purdue, who’s coach Danny Hope gets significantly more dollars for the Boilers to be branded. (click the image for a larger version of Hope’s agreement with Nike)
purdue nike deal

Some would argue that Stan’s results on the field are nowhere close to justifying his contract, no matter how small it may be. Things BSU could have spent their coaching money on:

  • 35,000 Snuggies (Leopard print not included)
  • 350,000 McDonalds Double Cheeseburgers
  • 1,400,000 packs of Wrigley’s gum
  • 4,166 American Standard Urinals… certainly needed
  • 87,500 72-packs of pencils from Staples which may be needed to gouge out every fan’s eyes if next season looks anything like this one.

$350,000 for 1-8. Money well spent?

(H/T: USAToday)


4 Responses

  1. My question is this… Hoke gets paid less and goes 12-0. Stan gets paid more and goes presumably 1-11. Based on this, we should pay our coach like 10 bucks. We’d win the fucking Super Bowl.

  2. Totally classless to put this out there. It should remain private between the hiring agent and the coach.

  3. Matt, the contract itself is certainly public knowledge, and was published nationally by USA Today. If Stan were a private school employee, it wouldn’t be public domain, but with his employment at a state school, that makes it fair game.

  4. Alan’s right. Public school = public record. Sorry you don’t like it, but dems da breaks.

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