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MAC Roundtable and Rough Soccer Girls

RT-LogoSo, as per usual on Friday, it’s time once again to revisit the MAC Roundtable. Our answers were posted several days ago and FalconBlog, the BG site, had the honor, duty, and privilege of compiling the responses and figuring out what that oft sought “consensus” was. You can check out the recap right here.

Also, it’s Bye Week Female Friday here at OTP, so this post has to feature something female related. How about chicks playing soccer who totally beat the piss out of their BYU opponents in the semi-finals of the Conference tourney. Snapping someone’s head back by pulling a ponytail? Yeah… that works. (H/T: KentuckySportsRadio) Easily the best video of the week. Well… at least one we can watch at work.


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