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MAC Roundtable: Week 9

RT-LogoThis week we continue the format of questions posed to the MAC Blog collective by one of our members, responded to accordingly on each individual site, and then recapped on Friday by the host. This week’s hosting duties fall to Red and Black Attack, the NIU themed SB Nation juggernaut. We cover balance, out of conference schedules, and the blood letting that is about to occur in Arkansas for Eastern Michigan. Also we get to assign a Halloween Costume for Stan Parrish. Ready… set… ROUNDTABLE!

1. Both Ball State and NIU took an early 1900’s approach to offense in winning their games this weekend primarily through the ground game.  This brings the question:  Are you satisfied with the balance of your offense currently?  Would you like to see more passing or more rushing?
For Ball State, I couldn’t care any less about balance. I only care about the win. I am bloodthirsty for victories, and frankly, I don’t care about the sort of statistical oddities needed to win. The first part of the season, our offense was very balanced…. both the passing and rushing games sucked something awful. That led to an 0-7 start. When we become unbalanced, not by choice but by circumstance, we win. Therefore, by the transitive property the more unbalanced we become the more likely we are to win. It’s science.

2. The two best teams in the MAC in Central Michigan & Temple take on non-conf opponents in Boston College and Navy respectively.  What positives or negatives come from playing OOC opponents this late in to the season?
For a team like CMU, it’s huge to play a non-conference game late in the season because it gives the pollsters and pundits something of note to chat about this late in the season, when traditionally, the MAC is very far from the minds of anyone who matters. The downside is that a loss essentially kills the ability of any midmajor regaining the attention or the favor of the college football universe. In my opinion, CMU defeats Boston College, and Navy defeats Temple, restoring order and hopefully knocking the Temple fans back reality.

3. For fun, predict the outcome of the impending doom the 0-7 Eastern Michigan Eagles face as they travel to Arkansas this weekend.
If this was the Houston Nutt led Arkansas Razorbacks, then I would say EMU actually had a shot. Since they are led now by King o the Dickbags Bobby Petrino, I fully expect an ass stomping. And one that isn’t stopped simply because they’re up by 40. Arkansas-52, EMU-7.

4. If your team/coach were to wear Halloween costume, what would they be?
Let’s see… for Stan Parrish, it would have to be a character that has had great success in the past but has fallen on hard times now. It would need to be someone that is not necessarily the nicest guy in town. It would need to be someone who is age appropriate.Easy answer…

jimmy carterLet me get this straight… Jimmy Carter… former PRESIDENT is now writing books, winning Grammys and all that jazz? Super. In true Carter-esque charity and magnanimosity, Stan is simply letting the rest of the MAC win some games this season.

Or… if that costume doesn’t work for Stan, he could always be James Whitmore, better known as Brooks in Shawshank. Frankly, had Stan kept losing I would have supported him etching his name on a support beam and hanging himself.


5. MAC Power Poll Time
1. Central Michigan: Class of the MAC
2. Temple: About to meet some Middies and drop next week
3. NIU: Will the real NIU please stand up?
4. Ohio: Could the Bobcats be win #2?
5. WMU: Disappointing season so far, but still a talented team
6. Kent State: Congrats on the fluke Ohio win
7. Toledo: Still reeling over their last second win against BSU
8. BG: Losing to CMU is respectable
9. Buffalo: Barf.
10. Ball State: Celebrate. Finally.
11. Akron: Wheels officially off
12. Eastern Michigan: Almost beat BSU. Is that really an accomplishment?
13. Miami: Miami is the Miami of the MAC. Wait..


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