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BlogPoll Draft: Week 8

Short turn around time for comments or critique, as this puppy is due in its final form by 10am Wednesday. Thoughts or comments? Drop ’em in the comment section and I’ll take it under advisement before I submit OTP’s final ballot. Here’s the ins and outs of this week’s poll…


In my opinion, which is really the one that counts, these are clearly the 5 teams which have distinguished themselves from the rest of the pack. All undefeated, all with at least one signature win. Texas jumps Alabama this week, mostly for the fact that Alabama looked far from deserving of the #1 ranking after a near loss to Tennessee this weekend. Florida is more of the same, and that’s precisely the reason why Florida fell from grace as the top ranked team a few weeks ago. For now, Texas sits there, more as a result of the teams underneath doing nothing to demand they be there.

Southern Cal
Boise State
Georgia Tech
Oklahoma State

This group is challenging to sort out, namely because each one has some fairly major flaws. Iowa and Boise are both undefeated as well, though I have significant reservations about both. Iowa for the way they win, Boise for who they’ve won against. USC’s loss to Washington and their failure to dominate anyone of late drops them a spot. Georgia Tech and Oklahoma State have significant reservations as well, but both seem to be clicking now painting their early season losses as more flukey than lack of skill or talent.

Virginia Tech
Penn State

These teams are the clear cut second-tier in my rankings. Teams that have played well but also have their fair share of doubt and performance issues to warrant not being included in the top echelon of teams. A two-loss Virginia Tech team may be a bit out of place, but frankly, with the schedule they have played, two losses is certainly respectable. LSU’s only loss was to Florida, but the Tigers have been far from dominant and now reach the meat of their schedule. Oregon has chugged along and gets the chance to prove themselves this weekend versus USC. Penn State has a date with OSU looming in two weeks, and after this weekend’s contest, Pitt closes with 3 ranked teams which will either skyrocket them or drop them out entirely.

Central Michigan

It’s a shame when teams on the rise and seeking out national attention have to sort of bob and weave through established programs already who are either sinking or trying to rebound from early season problems. Houston, Central Michigan, and Utah are rising fast behind impressive wins and taking care of the teams they are supposed to be beat. Miami drops because of a loss, but it’s certainly an acceptable one as an overtime loss to Clemson is nothing to be ashamed of. Oklahoma may be a bit high here, but they are also in the camp of losing to respectable opponents like Texas and BYU, though the Cougars failure to show up against TCU hurts the Sooners.

West Virginia
Ohio State
Notre Dame

The final 5 is a hodge podge of sorts of teams that could just as eaily be tossed aside. The reservations felt above for the second batch of high quality teams are multiplied, squared, and multiplied again for this bunch. Zona has no real quality type wins, but no amazingly bad losses either. Same for WVU. Ole Miss, Ohio State, and Notre Dame close it out for a respectable record, decent results, and a lack of teams below them that have demanded entry because of their performance.

Dropped Out This Week:
Brigham Young (#12)
Texas Tech (#19)
Nebraska (#20)
Boston College (#25)

Waiting Room for Next Week:
South Carolina: Which South Carolina team is this? The kind that looks respectable against Alabama or the one that looks anything but against Vandy?
Navy: Facing a MAC school should be an easy win and take the Middies to 7-2, clearly worthy of some poll love.
Cal: Two losses to respectable opponents plus the Golden Bears are finally looking the way they did to start the year.

Games Watched This Week:
Florida State/North Carolina, Ball State/Eastern Michigan, Georgia Tech/Virginia, Pitt/South Florida, Alabama/Tennessee, Notre Dame/Boston College, Florida/Arkansas, Texas/Missouri, TCU/BYU, Stanford/Arizona St.

Comment section for your thoughts… Go.


One Response

  1. you have most of this close to what I’d have it, but no way a 2-loss ND gets above a 2-loss Cal, especially considering the way one of those teams win… which is by the skin of their teeth.

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