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Separated at Birth: EMU!

Everyone at one point or another gets a “You look just like….” comparison. Today, OTP revitalizes a message board tradition with the OTP Separated at Birth, this time for the Eastern Michigan Eagles.

RB Ben Axon – Desmond Howard, the heir to Lou Holtz’ drool covered throne.

DL Ryan Kuhlman – Roy from The Office

WR Marvon Sanders – Omar Little from The Wire… easily the best show ever created, made, or watched.

DB Johnny Sears – Tracy Chapman. Who has a fast car. And wants a ticket to anywhere

LB Neal Howey – Jorge Posada. No word on whether Howey pisses on his hands like Jorge.

RB Corey Welch – Corey Haim. Oh!! And the same first name. Welcome to destiny.

LB Nate Paopao – Noel Gugliemi… better known as Hector from the Fast and the Furious. Or the guy that shat a chicken in Bruce Almighty.

DB Arrington Hicks – Garrett Morris of SNL and Martin fame.

DB Willie Hickman – The always popular and OTP favorite… the UPSIDE DOWN MOP!

DB Mark Mitchell – Diamond David Lee Roth

Diamond Dave!?! That totally gives us reason to post this, which we’ll all be doing after Saturday’s BSU win….

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  1. Hey… you might as well JUMP!?

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