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Stan’s MACtastic Teleconference

mac logoAnother Monday, another conference call for the MAC football coaches. Like each week before it, coach Stan Parrish sounded at least in good spirits considering his Ball State Cardinals were beaten. Again. For the 7th time this season and 8th straight time since he was named head coach before the GMAC Bowl last season. Stan touched again on the basics of last week’s game as well as the upcoming contest at Eastern Michigan. Of most importance today was an update on Kelly Page, which never came. Asked specifically, Parrish had no update on Page at all. The rest of Stan’s comments…

Overall commentary about the BG contest:
“I was shocked. We didn’t play well at all in the first half. Defensively, we didn’t even slow ‘em down. We give credit where it’s due. Sheehan is a serious serious threat. They dominated us.”

“We came out in the 2nd half and played much much better. We ran the ball a lot better. We at least played competitively in the 2nd half. But we were out of it quite quickly.”

“They play extremely hard all year long. They’re in a rebuilding year much like we are. They’re searching for the right mix. This will be a battle. There’s a reason we’re both 0 and whatever.”

On the crowd importance at Eastern Michigan:
“For those of us that aren’t winning right now, the crowds begin to dwindle. The crowd probably won’t be much of a factor.”

On what he will tell his team:
“We’re a team that’s played hard all year long. Both teams know they’ve got a shot at winning a game. Don’t turn the ball over, block and tackle, do it with a little more gusto than your opponent.”

On BG’s Sheehan and Barnes:
“There seems to be one of those sort of pairs in our conference each and every year. Lefevour and Brown at CMU, last season Nate and Dante Love.”

On Kelly Page:
“There’s no update now on Kelly”

On whether or not he’s optimistic about Kelly Page’s injury:
“I’m always optimistic. I want what’s best for the program.”

On Tanner Justice versus Kelly Page should Page be unable to go:
“I don’t know if I’d use the term “better”. We didn’t protect him Saturday. He played very well in other spots. The players have a lot of confidence in him. He’s a very heady player.”


Kudos to Stan for trying his best to remain positive and somewhat personable considering the amount of chaos and pressure he’s got to be feeling right now. I know some around the program don’t particularly care of a coach who is positive and optimistic in the face of dire circumstances, but I think it’s certainly needed considering the youth of this program and the fragile sort of minds and egos present in that locker room. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not Stan is positive or comforting away from the media.


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