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BSU-BG Stream of Consciousness


What a difference a year makes. Remember last season? When each and every weekend was another example for us to be smarmy as fans and as a site as Ball State ran roughshod over everyone? That was awesome. But perhaps we are paying for that this year in a sort of karmic come-uppance that makes me want to dropkick homeless puppies.

Another game, another loss, but this one is super duper extra special since Kelly Page goes down with an injury to his throwing hand. Since we’re Ball State and not Florida, I assume there won’t be 937 news reports about where he’s at, what he’s doing, and how soon or long it will be before coming back, but that’s the most important thing right now. I think it was sort of a forgone conclusion that we would lose another game before the conclusion of the season, so the reality that we’re guaranteed a losing season doesn’t really sit all that bad with me. But to have a losing season and lose valuable learning time and experience for Kelly Page, that’s probably the worst case scenario and something that doesn’t make me want to begin to even evaluate this game.

The good for the Cardinals was that they didn’t give up after being down 24 at halftime, and Quale Lewis cracked 100 yards finally. Eric Williams looked good as well, but there were far greater worries than reasons to celebrate. We’ll get to the bad tomorrow, because it wouldn’t do it justice to react at this particular moment.

You’d think that after each loss this season, the next one would be easier to swallow and sort of commonplace. It isn’t, I assure you. With each one that smacks us in the face, it’s just as tough as the first one. And truthfully, the hopes that I had for even the upcoming games against Eastern Michigan and Ohio went right out the window as Kelly Page was walked to the locker room clutching his hand. In a season of kicks to the junk, that one had to be the worst and perhaps the most damning.

Another week, another loss, another Saturday where the heads and hearts of Cardinal Nation get carried a little heavier than they already were before.


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