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MAC Blogger Roundtable: Week 6

RT Logo It is time, yet again, for the best and brightest in the MAC to voice their opinions on questions posed by one of our own. This week’s host… what the hell?

kanye_west-11489Yo MAC Bloggers… I’m proud of you and Imma let you finish… but the MAC Blogger Roundtable is the best roundtable of all time. OF ALL TIME!

Thanks, Kanye. This week’s host is Kyle Warber of Fire Up Chips, a site which covers the…. drumroll… Chips of Central Michigan. Not the notoriously better Chips like Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar, or Sun Chips Garden Salsa. Regardless of their noncoverage of those tasty treats, Kyle does give excellent coverage to CMU… like they needed any more attention. *Jealous stare* This week’s roundtable takes us on a journey of winless teams, the importance of receiving stats, WMU’s bed shatting so far, and Roy Orbison Tattoos. You can check that out here.  It also features the MAC Power Poll, the now weely tradition. Our ballot and such:

  1. CMU
  2. NIU
  3. Temple
  4. Ohio
  5. WMU
  6. BG
  7. Toledo
  8. Kent
  9. Akron
  10. Buffalo
  11. Ball St.
  12. Miami
  13. EMU

Not anything exceptionally Earth shaking. I’m a little uncomfortable ranking BG only 6th, but I’m not sure if 2-4 teams deserve to be higher, regardless of how much I know about them or how good I think they are. Temple at 3 seems high, as they are not a dominant sort of team, but their record in conference now is still perfect. As for Buffalo, they will continue to be ranked at the bottom of the chart, and Lord help them when the teams below them win.

kanye_west-11489OverThePylon doesn’t care about Buffalo people.

Congrats, Kanye. You finally got something right.


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