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Stan’s MAC-tastic Teleconference

mac logoComing into the MAC Coaches’ Conference Call this morning, I had virtually no idea what to expect from Coach Parrish. Considering the Cards suffered their 6th loss this season, and 8th straight with him at the helm, I was betting that Happy Stan wouldn’t be anywhere close to present. It wasn’t the brusqueness that many have seen throughout this season, but Stan was far from jovial. Relatively few questions this week for Coach Parrish, certainly a byproduct of being 0-6, on the verge of a guaranteed losing season, and almost certainly out of contention for the MAC.

On the Temple Owls:

“Temple has a very strong powerful football team. Their defensive front the best we’ve faced. Very tough matchup for our offensive line. They pound the ball at you, throw in some play action, they remind me of us last year.”

“We played a very poor first half. Our kicking game was very poor, thus we struggled the rest of the way.”

“We had trouble moving the ball against them. They’ve come a long way. They know who they are. They are very well coached, and they are a physical physical football team.”

On Bowling Green, the Cards’ opponent this weekend:

“Barnes had more catches than some have all season. He and [QB Tyler] Sheehan are the best in the league. They’ll be a handful for us to stop. We’re struggling on defense and we have to get better.”

“They have a team that has a lot of quickness on defense. Very impressed with how they played against Missouri. They scrap hard, they play hard, they’re a good team. They have an opportunity to be right in the thick of [the MAC title race].”

On lessons from Toledo:

“We didn’t finish the game. We gave up huge long passes against Toledo, once again didn’t cover a kick very well and gave up a big play. We’ve got to get better.”

On Tori Gibson’s day on Saturday:

“Tori has gotten better and better each week this season. He has very good quicks. He’s a young player, but he’s very good. Also a good blocker. He comes from Cleveland Glenville, so he knows how to win. We’re very pleased with him so far this season.”

On Kelly Page’s progress:

“Page has made darn good progress, but he had a rough day at Temple. I think he rushed a little bit, wasn’t as poised as he was a week earlier. He continues to get better, continues to grow and learn. Made a lot of good plays, but wasn’t as sharp as the week before. Let’s give some of that credit where it’s due… Temple’s defense brings a lot of pressure. It’s hard to make good throws on your back.”


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