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Mmmm… Turnovers

single-apple-turnoverHoly moley are turnovers good. You know, those things just fill you up. They’re certainly not any good for you, and clearly they take years off your life, but I frankly don’t care. They are just too good to pass up. So light and fluffy, iced, warm….. mmmmmmm. Delicious. Wait… what’s that, Edge? That isn’t the sort of turnovers you’re talking about? Come again? Ball State had 5 today in the loss to Temple? Fabulous. Sweet mother of Jeebus in Heaven above.

This is not the Saturday that I expected to come home to, though part of me is quite happy I didn’t drop the hammer on I-95 to make it back in time to watch BSU lose 24-19 to Temple. Yes… that Temple. That lost to Villanova. That Temple that’s the perennial doormat of the MAC.

Ball State needed to send a message today. There were several different options for said message, none of which should have been “Here Temple, we don’t really want any of those so called “victories” this season. Here, Owls… take these 5 turnovers. And when you speak of us, speak well.”  That is the message that was delivered, I’m sure to a more than thankful bunch of Temple players as BSU put the ball on the turf three times and Kelly Page threw 2 INTs. In a season where most fans, despite losses, point to the improvement and hope that the play displays. This, unfortunately, is not a game where hope can even remotely be taken away.

Unfortunately for the Cards, what will be taken away is more ammunition for those that want to tear down Stan Parrish and the administration, most notably a larger than life (see what I did there?) columnist in particular. What will not be spoken about by those espousing to know the “truth” or “the inside shit” is that Stan Parrish didn’t fumble one time today. He also didn’t throw any interceptions, miss any tackles, kick poorly or miss an extra point. Not everyone in that locker room will be able to say that.

That isn’t to absolve Stan Parrish of any responsibility for this 0-6 start. However, to place every ounce of blame on him is short sighted and completely erroneous. There’s blame for the offense, blame for the defense, blame for the special teams. Hell, in the giant bowl-o-blame there’s enough for everyone… not that the Star Press, the Daily News, or anyone else will look past the man in the headset.

So… here we sit at 0-6 and staring at Bowling Green coming to Muncie. No answers, no message, just more muck. Was this game a defining game? Time will tell. However, if it was, the definition was “shit”.


2 Responses

  1. Having attended the game today as a Temple season ticket holder (Yes…that Temple, the team that’s 8-2 at home against MAC opponents since 2007), I can say with certainty that the Owls defense was given nothing…we TOOK those 5 turnovers from you. And if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been doing a lot of taking lately, to the tune of a plus-9 turnover ratio in MAC play.

    Good luck the rest of the season…

  2. I don’t think you can even remotely make a case for Temple being a “perennial MAC doormat” when it is 8-2 since 2007 at home against MAC foes.

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