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Friday Housekeeping

So it’s Friday, vacation is almost over, Ball State is staring at potentially 0-6, and there’s plenty of things to comment on. Let’s take it point by point…

The Temple Game
Suffice to say, this game becomes epic. A loss and .500 is the best this team can do this year. It’s a road game, it’s a MAC game, it’s a chance for the team to silence a few of the critics. Of course, pretty much every game this season has been that kind of challenge and gone virtually unanswered by the team. Youth? Inexperience? Coaching mistakes? Perhaps. Potentially all of the above.

But this team is bound to have something good happen. I mean, for Christ’s sake, they go ahead through a gutsy trick 2-point conversion with under a minute to play last weekend and piss it away on a bomb for 50 yards. That kind of stuff is flukey and bad luck… and that kind of thing cannot continue. Can it? Prediction at the bottom.

MAC Roundtable
The latest edition of the MAC Roundtable is up over at Rasor on the Zips. Mike Rasor, the Akron rep posed the questions and you can check ’em out here.

Hard to take people seriously when their email is BigSexy.

Hard to take people seriously when their email is BigSexy.

Jason Whitlock’s Loud Mouth
The more pressing thing and clearly the most frustrating thing for me this week, despite vacation, was the attitude and commentary… again… by Jason Whitlock. The noted Kansas City Star and FoxSports columnist decided it was high time he voiced his opinion and his commentary on his national pulpit. I guess the small crowd at BSUFans.com wasn’t enough for him anymore.

I can’t say I’m surprised, since after each game this season Whitlock has logged in and slammed any and everyone associated with BSU’s football program. Whitlock was making few friends, polarizing the site, coming across as a bitter jaded angry journalism type who sit on their high horse and proclaim to know more and better things than any of us. It’s sort of trademark journalism personality, and one of the main reasons why print journalism is basically a dying industry. Populate your ranks with enough bitter opinionated assholes and people begin to pass up your product.

After giving an unoriginal internet soliloquy known as a “Swan Song” and declaring himself done with the site, done with the team, done with the fans who are far too stupid to understand the things he does, Whitlock uses his column, an NFL column mind you, to voice his discontent about the program, the coaches, the administration, etc. I’m surprised he didn’t call out the mascot, the cheerleaders, the janitors, the parking attendants, and those assholes at MCL Cafeteria who don’t allow him to eat simply from the warming trays. You can check out the entire article here, but the snippet that matters:

Many of you have noticed that I haven’t written about my Ball State Football Cardinals this year after I pimped them all of 2008.

Last year’s Cardinals ran the table during the regular season, finishing 12-0 and ranked in the top 15 before choking in the MAC Championship and folding in the GMAC Bowl. This year’s Cardinals are 0-5, losing to powerhouses such as North Texas, New Hampshire and Army.

I’m not a fair-weather fan. I’m pissed out of my mind because I saw this 2009 disaster coming when the Ball State administration elevated our self-promoting, loudmouthed, arrogant offensive coordinator (Stan Parrish) to head coach.

One of my former teammates calls Parrish Ball State’s Tiny Charlie Weis. I prefer to call Parrish our White Ronny Thompson, the arrogant, self-promoting, doing-Ball State-a-favor basketball coach who made our hoops program a national disgrace.

I’m not sure, given Ball State’s modest schedule, Parrish can pull off a 12-0-to-0-12 miracle, but he’s going to give it his best shot. Parrish, the former Kansas State head coach, is winless in his last 33 games as a head coach.

How does a man with his résumé convince a school president he would be a better option than making a legitimate bid to retain an alumnus (Brady Hoke) who put the football program on the map as a player in 1978 and as head coach in 2008?

I could write a book explaining this.

But for now let’s just say the president (Jo Ann Gora) and athletics director (Tom Collins) at my school have an intense love affair with self-promoting, arrogant, doing-Ball State-a-favor coaches. Gora and Collins simply repeated the same mistake they made when they hired Ronny Thompson.

In an effort to disclose any and all things associated with Herr Whitlock, he is certainly no fan of this site. Satire and humor from us often target Whitlock, and for that I will make no apology. If he wants to use his  bully pulpit to slam this school, this administration, and this team… so be it. However, he should be prepared for a sizable portion of the fanbase, the fanbase that supports his endeavors and career, to tell him to basically piss off. In painting the powers that be like Tom Collins and JoAnn Gora as agenda driven maniacs, he simply painted himself with the same brush.

The bottom line is this… there are people who promote change and people who simply scream about the problems that are inherent and real. Finding a villain, finding chaos, finding problems is easy. Offering solutions is the difficult stop of the journey to progress that very few ever make. Clearly, Whitlock is firmly entrenched in the camp that offers no solutions. And that’s a shame, because he has the power, the reach, and I would assume the financial wherewithal to actually, you know, make a difference instead of bitching and complaining like the jilted high school girl who realizes she isn’t nearly as popular, hot, or nice as she thought she was.

Whitlock usually paints this site and its leadership as people not dedicated to advancing Ball State athletics, people that provide no service, people that have no following, and a site that is irrelevant, nonsensical, and a shoddy attempt at “journalism”. Without opening up a giant can of worms in the blogger versus journalist sort of slap fight taking place, I will simply say that this site is well read, well referenced, popular, and run by people who are loyal Cardinal fans. People who love Ball State whether they are 12-0 or 0-12. The same cannot be said for certain national journalists. And that’s a real shame, “journalist” or not.

Hat Tip
A tip of the hat to Edge, who provided the leadership and guidance to this place while I was on vacation. It’s funny how people like girlfriends or friends expect you to be in the moment and paying attention to them while on vacation instead of blogging for the masses. Kudos to Edge for the week, the posts and the always stellar stat work.

Temple Prediction
No fancy preview, no fancy pictures, just down and dirty. The Toledo game will do wonders for confidence and attitude, and Ball State builds on this as they win their first game of the season. I mean, I have to be right eventually picking these damn things. 28-24 Cardinals.

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