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By the Numbers – Week 5

By The Numbers, Part 4

I originally wanted to post something that could ruffle some feathers since Alan is gone, then leave it to him to clean up the mess when he gets back from vacation.  But, I thought now that I have the floor, it would be a good time to talk about statistics for our two main teams, Ball State and Kentucky.

It’s no secret both teams have left just a little to be desired this year, but it takes looking at some statistics to see just how good (or bad) our teams are since week five just ended.

Today we’ll focus on some offensive stats.  The cool thing is that I have numbers on nearly 140 statistical categories, and while some may be very minor stats, there are some that are major and can tell a lot about the season thus far (just in case you haven’t been paying attention).   So, let’s see how we’re doing (number in parentheses is national rank out of 120):

Rushing Stats

Average Yards per Rush Rushing Yards per Game Rush TDs
Ball State 3.28 (95) 105 (98) 5 (87)
Kentucky 4.16 (52) 158 (49) 6 (68)

Passing Stats

Passing Yards Passing TDs Yards per Completion Completion Percentage INTs Percentage of Passes Intercepted
Ball State 856 (89) 5 (76) 9.30 (114) 52.57% (104) 7 (100) 4.00% (83)
Kentucky 682 (112) 5 (76) 9.61 (111) 58.2% (70) 6 (84) 4.92% (105)

Offensive Line/Blocking Stats

Tackles for Loss Allowed Tackles for Loss Yards Allowed Sacks Allowed Sacks Yards Lost Allowed
Ball State 36 (110) 177 (116) 15 (110) 131 (110)
Kentucky 16 (6) 63 (17) 5 (21) 27 (18)

Drive Stats

First Downs Third Down Conversion Fourth Down Conversion Red Zone Drives Average Red Zone Points
Ball State 87 (70) 35.14% (87) 57.14% (49) 17 (58) 4.12 (99)
Kentucky 78 (94) 41.38% (48) 66.67% (17) 11 (109) 5.36 (30)

Well, there you have it.  This is of course up through this weekend’s losses for both teams, and it does seem to show what we all are thinking in terms of offensive production for both teams.  Not too many are surprised at the dismal numbers in the “Offensive Line/Blocking” category for Ball State, and likewise the good numbers for Kentucky.  And the rushing and passing numbers are also right where they belong.  But just to pick one stat I find the most interesting is “Average Red Zone Points”.  I was fairly frustrated seeing Ball State held to mere field goals instead of scoring touchdowns in two of their red zone visits on Saturday, and I thought that the lack of points might have been low when taking into account all the other times I’ve seen red zone drives stall or have to settle for three.  And it turns out I was right, with Ball State sitting in the bottom 25% of the FBS.  Enjoy these few stats, and I’ll be back soon with some defensive numbers.


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