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Separated at Birth: The Toledo Edition

Everyone at one point or another gets a “You look just like….” comparison. Today, OTP revitalizes a message board tradition with the OTP Separated at Birth, this time for the Toledo Rockets.

Bill Claus, P – John Mayer

Brett Brodbeck, K – “Oh Face” guy in “Office Space” and Allstate Insurance tailgater on TV… “Hot Bobby…”

Chris Meenan, OL – Preston from “Jackass”, tightie whities unknown

Ben Steele, DL – Mark McGrath, which is not a compliment

More high quality awesomeness after the jump…

Manny Bell, OL – Gregg Oden

Myshan Veasley-Pettis, CB – Morris Day

Terrell Willis, DL – Mr. T, fool pity not included.

Alex Steigerwald, PK – Ross from “Friends”

Matt Rogers, WR – A giraffe. Any giraffe. As long as they have the typical freakishly long neck.

Aaron Opelt, QB – Jon Fishman

John Morookian, OL – Tony Romo, except offensive lineman don’t bang Carrie Underwood level ass.

Jared DeWalt, OL – Family Guy electrician… who needs only one goggle to go swimming.

Mark Singer, DB – all the Jonas Brothers, ironic since his name is “singer”. Oh!! Nailed it!

Jermaine Robinson, DB – The always popular…. UPSIDE DOWN MOP! Back for it’s first visit this season.


3 Responses

  1. I’m back, bitches!!!

  2. Maybe the best Separated at Birth yet…

    “Maybe I’ll give her a ride on the Bone Rollercoaster… OOOOOOoooooo”

  3. Make one for Justin Jones # 91

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