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Florida… They’re Good

The hit heard round the world.

The hit heard round the world.

The obviousness of that headline will come as no surprise to anyone who follows college football even a little bit. Florida is the defending national champions, returning a staunch defense and a QB that garners almost as much attention nationally as a naked Erin Andrews. That’s impressive. What wasn’t impressive was the way Saturday started, and it certainly wasn’t impressive when the aforementioned Gator demi-God wearing #15 was leveled and carted off the field. For anyone who wondered if Tebow was mortal, watching him ride a golf cart and puke into a plastic bag should answer that question pretty emphatically.

For the record, the hit was clean, nasty, and absolutely sickening. I’m sure there were a few people in the college football universe that smiled to themselves for the supposed karmic comeuppance for Tebow, and for those people, I, and Jesus, have one particular gesture for you. It can be seen here. Good.

When the Tebow hit happened, then replayed, then replayed, then replayed over and over I felt the same way I did after Sam Bradford went down, would feel the same way if Colt McCoy went down, and felt the same last year watching Dante Love go down. It’s a heartbreaking moment or three when an athlete in prime physical condition at the top of their game risks health and their future to entertain me for a couple hours on a Saturday. It looks now like it isn’t ridiculously serious, and he gets a week or two to recover. That’s good news all around.

As for the Wildcat performance, there isn’t really much to say, as Kentucky didn’t look anything like a team worth talking about. Outgained by a large margin, an inability to sustain any kind of offensive attack, a lackluster defensive effort, and a painfully damning start ended this movie before it ever got going. I think I, like most everyone else, expected a Florida win, but I did expect Kentucky to keep it much closer than the spread (22) and if things broke just the right way… they might turn into Cinderalla again. Unfortunately, Cinderalla was nowhere close to Commonwealth, and even the ugly stepsister wasn’t paying attention either.

It was a folly of errors for the Cats, penalties, blown coverages, etc. that certainly helped Florida throw it on cruise control. As much as it pains me to say it, despite the improvement in this program and on this team lately, we are still light years away from competing for the SEC. Teams that cannot stop the run, blow coverages, struggle offensively, and shoot themselves in the foot do not win conference titles. They also don’t beat the #1 team in the country, flu symptoms or not.

Now… is any of this the least bit surprising? Of course not. So that’s why this game is like the bad case of Mexican shits the night after burritos and margaritas. You flush it down and move on to the next meal. For us, that’s Alabama. And frankly, I detest the Crimson Tide a whole hell of a lot more than I ever will the Gators. Roll Tide? Spare me.


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  1. In case you didn’t see it enough… OR just wanna see Tebow blowing chunks on the sideline…

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