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Pressure For Parrish?

One minute down, 5 to go a-holes.

One minute down, 5 to go a-holes.

A large number of Cardinals fans have been wondering just how these losses as they pile up are affecting Coach Stan Parrish. Finally, we have some insight into just how he’s dealing. Doug Zaleski of the Muncie Star Press offers this tidbit about today’s press conference at the alumni center for Coach Parrish (via):

Losing football games and being the target of numerous negative comments on Internet chat spaces apparently have rankled the disposition of Ball State football coach Stan Parrish.

The normally loquacious Parrish severely tightened the breadth of his responses and interest at today’s weekly press conference.

Parrish’s first three weekly press conferences had run in the area of 25-30 minutes each. But after a 24-17 loss Saturday at Army, the first-year Cardinals head coach was a lot less talkative today.

He entered the room at the Ball State Alumni Center with a grumpy demeanor. In stark contrast from most of his interviews, he kept answers to questions short and to the point, seemingly unwilling to expand on anything.

And then, straight out of the Bobby Knight book on how to deal with press conference settings, Parrish had enough. After exactly 6 minutes and 10 seconds of questions, Parrish abruptly ended the session and walked out of the room.

I’m not sure what exactly Parrish is peeved about… could it be the threads and comments on BSUFans? How about the overarching commentary from the Daily News or Star Press comments regarding his job so far as head coach? OTP? Nah… not us. Maybe it’s Jason Whitlock sending him angry texts or naked pictures… either is just plain horrendous.

The bottom line is there is probably no one under more scrutiny right now than Stan. Compounding his already less than stellar 0-3 record is the fact that he hasn’t won a game as a head coach since October 18, 1986… you know, when Ronald Reagan was President. Add that in with a road date against a 3-0 SEC opponent who in their last game against BSU curb stomped the Cardinals 63-3 and I cannot even begin to fathom the tension around the Parrish household. At least he’s figured out a way to let some of that internal tension out… by having 6 minute press conferences. Huzzah!!


One Response

  1. I have to admit some of the flaming bile on BSUFans has been over the top but after watching UB fumble like its going out of style I understand.

    Any, alleged, iffy coaching decisions aside I think the high expectations of Cardinal fans has put undo pressure on a new coach with a team throttled by personnel lesses.

    BSU looked, dare I say, vastly improved against Army. If they play that solid in weeks one and two they are sitting at 2-1 right now. If the cards stay on their current trajectory an 0-12 season is very, very unlikely.

    It will really be a shame if SP catches hell after Auburn, a team that would chew up and spit out just about anybody in the MAC.

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