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MAC Blogger Roundtable… Week 3

RT Logo

It is time, yet again, for the best and brightest in the MAC to voice their opinions on questions posed by one of our own. This week’s host is FalconBlog, a BGSU site that had a great set of questions for our perusal, as well as the (now) weekly tradition of the MAC Power Poll. You can check out the roundtable right here, and here’s our MAC Power Poll ballot and rationale:

MAC Power Poll for Week 3 from OTP
I try to be rational and logical in my power poll ballots for the two conferences we’re asked to submit them for (the SEC and the MAC). Frankly, it’s challenging, especially this early, when teams have not only different numbers of games and virtually no common opponents, but also a host of FCS schools, some hard, some not. So crafting a power poll with any semblance of logic is a challenging operation. First and foremost, we start the power poll with any team in our CBS Sports Blogpoll ballot. Since that ain’t the case for the MAC, that becomes a non-issue.

Here’s where I shook out, but am open to suggestions for next week:

  1. CMU
  2. Toledo
  3. BG
  4. Ohio
  5. Kent
  6. Buffalo
  7. NIU
  8. Akron
  9. WMU
  10. EMU
  11. Miami
  12. Temple
  13. Ball State

The logic on this one was tough, because there’s no undefeated teams. At that point, you have to look at the host of teams at 1-1, and try and figure out where they go. Let’s look at the bottom grouping first…

Ball State/Temple/Miami/EMU/WMU: All winless, and all ranked at the bottom. Miami, EMU, and WMU at least all lost to FBS schools. Temple only has one loss, so they’re ahead of BSU, with one loss to a lower tier FBS program and one loss to an FCS.

The other 8 are all 1-1, so it was just determing how bad they lost and/or how impressive they were in the win. CMU and Toledo get credit for knocking off an FBS program, hence their 1 and 2 ranking.


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