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SEC Power Poll: Week 2


We here at OverThePylon were asked to be a voting member in the SEC Power Poll this season hosted by Team Speed Kills. It’s a collection of the best and brightest SEC blogs throughout the college football landscape. Each week we’ll be posting our ballot, and an expansion of the little blurbs we have to put forward with our votes.

General Power Poll Philosophy
In general, it wouldn’t really make sense for us not to start off with the teams already ranked on our CBSSports Blogpoll. So that’s the starting point. From there it’s an exercise in resume evaluation, accomplishments, and expectation. Clearly an imperfect sort of exercise, and one that will hopefully gain clarity as the season progresses. This early, much like the blogpoll, it’s far from an exact science.

Off we go for this week’s ballot…

  1. Florida 2-0 (0-0): #1 in our Blogpoll ballot, the Gators have ridden two massive blowouts to a 2-0 record. They may not be beating Top 25 teams, but they are decimating the competition, however weak it might be. Florida is fast, strong, talented, and well coached… all ingredients that few teams across the country possess.
  2. Alabama 2-0 (0-0): The Tide have an argument for the resume rankers among us that they should be #1 in this Power Poll. After beating Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome to start the season, the Tide have the marquee win for the conference so far.
  3. Ole Miss 1-0 (0-0): Certainly a far from dominant performance against the Memphis Tigers to open the season and a bye week last week are all we have to judge these Rebels on. Well, that and our preseason expectations and predictions, which are clearly what’s driving them to #3.
  4. LSU 2-0 (1-0): A win over Washington on the road and a home win over Vandy lands the Tigers at #4, but gives them certainly a valid case at #3. Blame our own self-importance, but with their upcoming games, the Tigers will certainly lay claim themselves for us to trump our own thinking.
  5. Georgia 1-1 (1-0): Two games for evidence for the Bulldogs… a season opening loss at Oklahoma State and a closer than expected win at home over South Carolina. Kudos though to Georgia for not scheduling soft early like it seems every other SEC team. The courage to go play a Top 10 team on the road, even though that Top 10 lost to an unranked Houston team last weekend, is what’s keeping them at #5 in this Power Poll and barely clinging to a spot in our Blogpoll ballot.
  6. Auburn 2-0 (1-0): The Tigers two wins have come against Mississippi State and Louisiana Tech. Far from impressive, but certainly a long jump from last year. They also land ahead of every team with a loss (save for Georgia) as well as those who have one win and a bye week (save for Ole Miss).
  7. Kentucky 1-0 (0-0): Only 1 game so far for the Wildcats, but it was a dominant game, a shutout in fact, against a fellow FBS level team. The Cats didn’t schedule an FCS cupcake to open the season, but Miami University certainly looked like one. It remains to be seen whether that was because of Kentucky’s talent or Miami’s lack of.
  8. Arkansas 1-0 (0-0): The Razorbacks looked impressive and set records in their season opening win. They land here because it wasn’t a shutout as Kentucky’s was, and it was against an FCS pushover.
  9. Vandy 1-1 (0-1): The Dores opened with said FCS pushover in Western Carolina and dropped their conference opener on the road at LSU. Certainly respectable, and of the 1-loss-in-the-SEC group of teams, their one loss was against the highest ranked opponent in the group.
  10. South Carolina 1-1 (0-1): After opening their season with a ridiculously ugly game against NC State, the Gamecocks dropped their conference opener in heartbreaking fashion at Georgia. It remains to be seen just how quality that loss will be at season’s end.
  11. Mississippi State 1-1 (0-1): The Bulldogs opened with a win over FCS Jackson St., and then dropped their SEC opener against Auburn. Much like Carolina above them, who gets the nod because of their win over an FBS opponent, their loss to Auburn may be mitigated as the season rolls on if Auburn can continue to do well.
  12. Tennessee 1-1 (0-0): The Volunteers lost to a middle of the pack Pac 10 team at home on Saturday in what can only be classified as an error-laden affair. Turnovers and sloppy play clearly overshadowed not only their defensive stoutness, but also any sort of positive vibe that was attached to them after stomping Western Kentucky’s guts out in week 1.

I tried to be as rational as possible, separating the teams by some sense of logical order. The Blogpoll-ranked teams at the top, and then teams under them accordingly… Two wins with a conference win, one win and a bye week, one loss in conference and one win out, and then 1-1 in two non-conference games. Over the next several weeks, and the beginning of conference play, we’ll finally get sort of some common ground on all these teams. Which will of course make the power poll, as well as our Saturdays, infinitely better.


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