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Edge Rock Report – 9/12 vs. New Hampshire

Edge Rock Report


New Hampshire

What could I possibly say that hasn’t been said before?  Like Murray says to his band Flight of the Conchords after the only person in the audience sneaks out mid-set, “This is a new low.”

Someone needs to get me a batch of optimism pills because I’m just not seeing it this year.  Ball State had 127 total yards in the game.  For you guys keeping score at home, 114 of those were through the air.  Carry the 2, divide by the remainder, square the root, and you have 13 yards on the ground.  Thirteen from an offense that really needs the rushing game.

The problem was the o-line, and it’s not going to get any better next week, guys.  I couldn’t help but notice that when the second half started, it appeared we started a center and four scarecrows in BSU jerseys on the o-line. Page was hurried, every rush was busted, and holding calls were frequent.

I won’t sit here and be the Monday morning quarterback here.  I don’t have the answers to this offense.  But I sleep at night knowing that I’m not the only one with no answers.

You tell me how our defense did.  They gave up 212 in the air and 110 on the ground.  But they did force four fumbles up front, so that counts for something.  And they had somewhere around four sacks, so unlike the offense, it looks like they at least played.

But they were far from where they need to be as a unit.  There’s no way they should have given up so many yards in this game, especially with the talent they have on that squad.  You can fill in the rest of the blanks on this defensive performance in the comment section.

Special Teams
Thank you McGarvey for those field goals. I’m not even being sarcastic… I was impressed with the 47-yarders. The lone bright spot. Isn’t that sad?

Final Score
Ball State: 16
North Texas: 23

Performance: 0 Guitars

Again, this is a new low. They need to shape up soon or it’s going to be a long season. Much worse than originally thought, that 4th place prediction I had for the MAC West is looking like a severe misjudgment.

Soundtrack to the Game
A sound effects CD full of bathroom noises. Wet farts in particular.


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