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Cardinal Corner: Trey Buice

OTP is proud to continue the Cardinal Corner tradition this year. In 2008, we saw guests like Jason Whitlock, Lavar Charleston, David Gater, Blair Kramer, Cortlan Booker, and Chris Allen all answer some questions and pull back the curtain a bit on BSU football. This season we’re kicking off with a bang and chatting with Trey Buice, a corner from 2005-2008 and someone who had a front-row seat to the best year in BSU athletics last season.

Cardinal Corner: Trey Buice

trey buice

OverThePylon: Can you tell us a little about what you’re up to these days? How has life after football been?

TreyBuice: Right now I’m still taking classes trying to finish up my major and minor. I’m on track to graduate in December. Life after football has been ok, but it took a little time to get used to all the free time that I have.

OTP: As a player who has been on both sides of the fence in terms of success as a team at BSU, what advice would you give this year’s team after game 1, and heading into the next three non-conference games?

TB: I would tell them to just keep getting better everyday and to focus on improving the areas that they need to improve on.

OTP: As far as that first game went, there were some negatives. What are some positives that you see for the Cards this season? What things are making you feel ok about the rest of the season?

TB: I liked the way that they kept fighting and didn’t give up! I like the talent of the youth,the young kids that are playing now are going to develop over the rest of the season and become great players for BSU.

OTP: In terms of the corner position, that was the area of greatest concern this season defensively. How do you think they looked? What sort of things come to corners and secondary players as the year goes on through simply playing and experience that can’t be coached or taught?

TB: They played decent to me, but it was the first game and first real challenge other than practice. Confidence will be gained as the season progresses as well as the knack for making a play. Its almost like another sense that is developed during the season!

OTP: Ball State lines up against an FCS opponent this week in New Hampshire. What is the difference in talent and skill between FBS and FCS in your mind?

TB: To me there is no real difference in the talent and skill, except maybe the number of talented guys on your team but still any team can be beat on any given day.

OTP: Can you give us your favorite memory as a football Cardinal?

TB: All of last season is my favorite memory… but i like the shut out from the Toledo game the most!!

OTP: Give us a prediction on the game this week and what you think the Cards are going to look like.

TB: Ball State. And they are going to look like a better team!!!!!

(Ed. Note: Big thanks to Trey for taking the time out of finishing up a degree and adjusting to life after football to chat BSU with us for a bit. Here’s to another successful season for the Cards and thanks to Trey for helping to make last year such a success.)


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