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Separated at Birth: New Hampshire

Everyone at one point or another gets a “You look just like….” comparison. Today, OTP revitalizes a message board tradition and begins anew the OTP Separated at Birth, this time for the New Hampshire Wildcats.

DB Dino Vasso and terrorist Richard Reid (watch his shoes)

LB John Duffey and Brad Dougherty, the oddest racing guru ever.

QB Josh Vick and actor Michael Shannon

OL Tom Neill and actor Luis Guzman, a staple of off color comedies.

WR Kyle Auffray and actor Matthew Lillard, the guy who totally ruined ScoobyDoo

DB Ryan McGuinness and actor Scott Caan, though we refer to him as Charlie Tweeder.

WR Micky Mangieri and Danny from Grease before he got all cooked out on Scientology, black reeboks, and koolaid.

RB Shawn Sweeney and Billy Zane… who needs to stay out of this.

WR Sean Ware and Keyshawn Johnson. Unconfirmed pocket square.

LB Terrence Klein and Malachai from Children of the Corn

TE Sean Cullen and Bill Preston Esquire from Bill & Ted

WR Matt McLaughlin and Pee Wee Herman… no idea about theater visits.

OL Jeff Sann and the Pillsbury Doughboy

OL Walter McCarthy and Cameron Diaz’ jizz hair from There’s Something About Mary


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