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Crustacean KickOff Bet? Not So Fast, My Friend

lobsterAccording to the University of New Hampshire’s official athletics website, UNH president Mark W. Huddleston and Towson president Robert Caret have wagered a feast from the sea for the winner – lobster or blue crab – and titled it the Crustacean KickOff Bet.

Since we at OTP (both Alan and Edge) are big fans of quality crustaceans and BSU-UNH hook up first, we want in on this wager for Saturday. So, President Huddleston, bring the lobsters for your end of the wager. We’re still deciding the prize should UNH win Saturday, and we’re hoping OTP readers can decide what to wager. Here’s the individual things we would consider a fair trade and Muncie-ish:

  • 15 pounds of QL’s barbecue
  • A coupon for 12 beers from Scotty’s, as well as 6 entrees
  • Equivalent weight in lobsters for Jason Whitlock. Loser also pays for the flatbed.
  • President Gora. Honestly, this is win or lose… just take her. Tom Collins thrown in to sweeten the deal.
  • 3 free lapdances at Jokers Wild. STD tests not included.
  • Quality Muncie Police Department training from WeeMan and Eric Estrada
  • Free Hot Dog Man!
  • 4 free pizzas and 12 beers of your choice from the Heorot. Beer-elitist attitudes included.
  • 5 mix-and-match six packs from Friendly Package
  • Your choice of five courses at Ball State
    • “Remain employed by being a nice guy” – Bill Lynch
    • “How to scare the living piss out of freshman admits with your kooky delivery” – Tony Edmonds
    • “How to piss away the legacy left by your former employer” – Tim Buckley (Emeritus)
    • “The Power of the Written Word” – Ronny Thompson
    • “How to spot a professor you don’t want to party with” – George Mundrake
  • Private screening of “Titanic” at the Delt house. Zima and candles provided.

Suggestions for other bets?


4 Responses

  1. Ahhh my specialty… degenerate gambling…

    Although I like the classes I’m gonna have to go with….

    – Winner receives 1 weeks free stay at Lafollette without air conditioning

    – Loser has to drive the winner to Wal-Mart to get groceries (only Freshmen need apply)

    – Loser streaks the Cow Path

    – Over/Under 10 years till someone runs their car into the Bell Tower?!

  2. Are you making fun of Dr Edmonds????? He’s awesome! And don’t knock the heorot!

  3. The Herot was ok… if you like hairy viking men.

  4. …and if you like beer that actually tastes good. Unlike the warmed-over moose piss, er, Natty Light, served at every Village bar save Scotty’s.

    [/beer snob and damned proud of it]

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