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Parrish Drops a Bomb on Labor Day

Stan's AnnouncementLabor Day, for the most part, is a quiet day in the sports world. Sure, there were a couple games today, but on the whole, it’s a slower pace. Leave it to Stan to wreck that theory and drop a potentially GIGANTIC piece of news.

According to Doug Zaleski, Quale Lewis is petitioning the NCAA for a fifth year of eligibility because of his injury in 2007 at Nebraska. Quale missed the rest of the season and that at least opens the door for him to ask.

Now, if following college football over our lives has taught us anything, it’s that the NCAA is comprised of people who do the exact opposite of reasonable and seemingly exist to take common sense, ball it up, and urinate all over it. Let’s hope, nay… pray! that this situation is handled differently. I am optimistic but also fully expecting this to end up negatively.

Personally, Quale stands to gain a great deal by sticking around for another season. Increasing carries, increasing stats, and running behind a line with a year of experience will help him make that jump to the next level. Team-wise, the Cardinals would do well to have a playmaker like him taking pressure off Kelly Page in his sophomore season. Come on, NCAA… prove to me you are not a giant rectum.

One Response

  1. If Lewis gets another year of eligibility then James Starks should be allowed to have on as well. At least he missed the entire season in his RS 5th year.

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