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One at a Time for the Cardinals

We are mere days away from the season opener. Three more wake ups, and it will be game day. Sweet merciful Jeebus, this is what we’ve been waiting for since January.

On Thursday, Ball State gets to have its coming out party against the North Texas Mean Green. That game, though on paper nothing to really work yourself into a tizzy over, is the first chance for this Cardinal team to show the fans, the students, and most importantly, the doubters, just what kind of team they have. Is this a team that will struggle like many predict? Is this a team that will succeed like this site and true fans have predicted? We’ll find out soon enough.

This season brings with it questions. Numerous, specific, worrisome. The offensive line? Question mark. Kelly Page? Question mark. The corner position? Question mark. Stan’s ability to win a game? Question mark. All those things get answered on Thursday. The answer may not be definitive. The answer may not be liked. But it’s an answer, and more than we have right now.

Rasie your hand if you're going to maul someone this week

Rasie your hand if you're going to maul someone this week

Aside from the questions, and the numerous unknowns, there’s a multitude of knowns. The running game? Outstanding. MiQuale Lewis leads the pack, with serviceable, talented, speedster back ups. The receiving corps? Talented and young. Briggs Orsbon, Jeremy Hill, Daniel Ifft, and Seth White all look to be a weapon for the BSU offense. The DLine? Intimidating. Brandon Crawford, Drew Duffin, Robert Eddins, and Rene Perry all figure to be giving Riley Dodge a nice warm welcome to Muncie. The safeties? Some of the best in the MAC and beyond. Alex Knipp and Sean Baker should make their presence known immediately to the first receiver that Dodge leaves high and dry across the middle.

For Ball State and their fans, it’s easy to look past this North Texas team. They’re not a well known foe or a traditional power, but don’t take this team lightly. “One at a Time”… it’s sort of been the de facto motto for this team over the last several years. You hear it frequently from everyone… play ’em one game at a time, can’t look past the next one, etc. etc. In this world chock full of sports cliches and rhetoric, this rings especially true for these Cardinals. We can’t worry about Central Michigan. We can’t worry about Auburn. We can’t worry about New Hampshire. Well… that one we really don’t have to worry about. Regardless… One at a Time. Again and again.

First up? North Texas. And that’s all we need to think about.


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