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More OTP Rankings

Never ones to sit idly by and let Alan have all the fun, Edge and RV have chimed in with their own versions of the Preseason Top 25. Expect hardcore railing (not the Peter North kind) on their end to get their sleepers and potential champions ranked higher in the official OTP ballot. Surprisingly, RV did not rank Notre Dame 1-24 with Ball State 25, and Edge did not make his Top 25 the best Phish moments in history. Life… it is simply full of surpises. Expect whomever does poorest amongst the three of us at year end to be mocked. Excessively. More than normal.

There will be reason to drink after this poll is evaluated

There will be reason to drink after this poll is evaluated

RV’s PreSeason Top 25 (With Explanations!)
1.) Florida – Tebow eventually will die for our sins…just as soon as he gets into the NFL.
2.) Oklahoma – too much talent coming back and an older defense make this a scary matchup for everyone they face.
3.) Texas – Despite losing all their TEs, Mack Brown will find a way like he always does.
4.) USC – Corp going down, albeit momentarily, might force Barkley to start too early but since when has USC had a problem winning games?
5.) OSU – If Pryor really has improved his passing game in the offseason he’ll make Tebow look human and bring OSU to a level they haven’t seen in a while, SEC speed be damned.
6.) Alabama – Saban only has 10+ win seasons right? Luckily, Louisiana Lafayette isn’t on the schedule…
7.) LSU – Les has run out of the previous regime’s players and needs to prove that he’s more than giant testes and even bigger hats.
8.) California – Jahvid Best. That is all.
9.) Notre Dame – I could write a book on the upcoming season, but new coaches (Verducci – OL, Hart – DL, and Alford – RB) are all major upgrades over positions of weakness in Charlie’s tenure in South Bend. Oh and Bryant Young is a GA…improvement is inevitable.
10.) Penn State – I wasn’t impressed with PSU’s run last year, but they have a perfect schedule to end up in the top 10 and get their asses handed to them by USC again.
11.) TCU – Someone has to be the top ‘mid-major’ around here. I wish they’d just go to the Big XII already…
12.) Oklahoma State – Its hard to deny Zac Robinson as one of the most dynamic players in the country and this team brings back a ton of talent to compete in a predictably top heavy Big XII
13.) Georgia – Should be a top ten team based on Uga alone, but Richt is a great coach and has enough of a team to continue his success.
14.) Nebraska – I miss the days of Nebraska manhandling teams on defense and just destroying teams with a power running game. Pelini might not invoke the days of old, but he has his finger on the pulse of a great team.
15.) Ole Miss – I feel like any Houston Nutt team is either boom or bust. Snead gets more credit than he deserved last year but like every other young QB is bound to improve. Who knows what’ll come out of this season besides ridiculously hot ladies dressed to the nines. Nice.
16.) Georgia Tech – Tech fans are extremely high on Paul Johnson and so am I. He can finally get all the talent he needs and still has a few pieces to get in place but are my pick to win the ACC.
17.) Virginia Tech – Beamer has always been a fantastic coach, as evidenced by his special teams units. It’s hard to put them too high as they have an extremely difficult OOC schedule, but I look forward to seeing how much this young team has grown up.
18.) UCLA – As long as Neuheisel stays away from the bracket pools he will continue to attract talent. With a little consistency at QB they figure to continue their history of strong defenses and make a splash in the Pac-10. Plus they host The Hoke on Sept 5th and I hope they hang 60 on him.
19.) North Carolina – Butch Davis has quickly assembled a respectable ACC squad and should garner more positive media this year after injuries impacted their season.
20.) Michigan State – Dantonio lost 400 carries in Javon Ringer, but he’s always seemed like the coach who adapts well to his team’s talent. Cousins or Nichol are both major improvements over Hoyer. Plus they have Greg Jones who is scary talented and one of the best LBs in the country.
21.) Oregon – How many jerseys will they feature this year? 700? 800? Chip Kelly will be interesting to see in his first year running the whole show but Oregon always has talent everywhere.
22.) Rutgers – Um, the Big East still plays football, right? Schiano has a lot to live up to and needs a top 25 finish if he’s going to keep his job, in my opinion.
23.) Pittsburgh – Ugh, this team does not seem worthy of a top 25 ranking. But that is when Wanny seems at his best, so who am I to doubt that it’ll be different this time around.
24.) Oregon State – Love the way ‘Quizz Rodgers plays and look forward to seeing if they can add on to the success they had last year.
25.) Boise State – It’s hard to deny that the Smurf Turf doesn’t hold some mythical advantage over it’s visitors, but Boise has a knack for hanging around the top 35 and with their schedule could find themselves in favor with the pollsters.

For Edge’s preseason poll, it’s straight to the point. Says Edge, “I don’t offer context not because I’m being difficult. It just kinda is what it is.” Spoken like a true rocker.

These rankings actually go well past 11.

These rankings actually go well past 11.

Edge’s Preseason Top 25
1.) Florida
2.) Texas
3.) Oklahoma
4.) USC
5.) Ohio State
6.) Alabama
7.) Oklahoma St.
8.) Mississippi
9.) Penn St.
10.) Virginia Tech
11.) LSU
12.) Boise St.
13.) Oregon
14.) Georgia Tech
15.) Georgia
16.) California
17.) Florida State
18.) Nebraska
19.) TCU
20.) Iowa
21.) Kansas
22.) Pitt
23.) Utah
24.) North Carolina
25.) Oregon St.

Get ready ladies and gents… we are two weeks away from the day after the first Ball State win and the day before life, as we know it, kicks into fun mode again.

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