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Announcing the MAC Blogger Roundtable

RT LogoWell kept secrets in the blogosphere exist around virtually every corner, especially at the intersection of MidAmerican Conference Avenue and Football Street. No longer, though, as OTP is proud to announce the latest iteration of awesome that will make the 2009 season espcially MAC-tastic… the MAC Blogger Roundtable. With only three weeks or so to go until football time once again, it’s time to meet the participants and find out what this fancy Roundtable is all about.

Last season, OTP coordinated the Cardinal Roundtable, where the Ball State blogs came together and rallied around the Cardinals. Our table of 3 became a table of 1 by season’s end, as the other two sites elected to hang up their blogging cleats and leave the arena. We took that as an opportunity to create something new, something needed, and something that will tie together the blogs and sites that exist for the betterment of MidAmerican conference members and their fans.

The MAC blogosphere is quite the interesting beast, and getting more interesting by the day. A few years ago the blogosphere as a whole was relatively new, but has gained steam, credibility, and opportunity as major sites have sprung up. The MAC blogosphere is a true microcosm of that, with sites that are quality and sites that aren’t. The challenging thing for fans and readers is figuring out which sites are reputable and which ones simply exist.

To help out with that search, the MAC Blogger Roundtable was born. Mike at Red and Black Attack and BJ at FalconBlog were instrumental in helping figure out who to contact, who to invite, and encouraging us to keep going from dream stage to reality, as that path often gets us lost. The good news is we have been able to hammer out 7, count ’em 7, sites that are the cream of the MAC crop and bring something interesting, insightful, and important to the table. Here’s your starting line up, in addition to us…

Red and Black Attack: The lone representative for the MAC in the impressive SB Nation and dealing with Northern Illinois, Mike at RaBA is building a website and a community worthy of the honor. It’s a site that is well laid out, well written, and clearly a site on the way up… much like the NIU football team under Jerry Kill. Also a member of the CBS Blogpoll.

FalconBlog: BJ at FalconBlog may very well be the person who understands the best the purpose and freedom that blogs are made to give. FalconBlog brings killer content, are voting members in the CBS BlogPoll, and cover the Falcons tremendously well. FalconBlog is daily reading for OTP and should be for you as well.

Let’s Go Rockets: One of the best designed and eye pleasing sites out there in the total blogosphere, much less the MAC. The staff at LGR are loyal Toledo enthusiasts and will bring a Rocket fueled perspective to their roundtable answers. We have yet to ask them about the 2000 BSU-Toledo game. A piece of that goal post resides in my office.

Temple Football Forever: One of the most well-known MAC blogs out there and recipient of the 2007 Best New Blog and 2008 Best NonBCS Blog from the CFB Awards, Temple Football Forever is your one stop shop for the Owls. Mike, who runs the site, is far more than just your rabid fan. He’s an alum and also a reputable mainstream journalist.

Rasor on the Zips: Mike Rasor runs Rasor on the Zips, a comprehensive site about Akron so it’s aptly named. Blogging not enough? How about going to law school. Still not enough? Editing the law review. Aside from all of that, Mike keep fans and MACphiles the world over updated on the Akron Zips with a great info-heavy site and true dedication to the task.

Fire Up Chips: Kyle at Fire Up Chips runs the Central Michigan component of our Blogger Roundtable. He has coverage of games and main stories, sure, but Kyle certainly earns his bones with his recruitment coverage. For anyone looking for rational CMU coverage, this is the place to be.

The roundtable format is pretty simple, really. Questions are posed to the group from one of the members, and the individual sites answer each and every Friday. Easy as scoring on Indiana last season. It should make the season better, the fans more involved, and most importantly, bring a sense of community and togetherness to the MAC blogs that are out there and cranking out great stuff.

On a bit of an administrative note, we’ve had people ask us for admission, demand to be involved, and it’s important to note that this Roundtable is never meant to be exclusionary. However, for a site to gain admittance and credibility, it’s got to be something worth including. There are a few sites out there that are on our radar and have a chance. Have a site you’d like to see considered for next year? Fantastic… drop us a line.

So sit back, get ready, and make room for some weekly reading every Friday beginning September 4th for the MAC Blogger Roundtable.

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