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Bracket Reminder

If you’ve been meaning to get that bracket into the OTP Bracket Challenge and just never got around to it, it’s now or never. Quite literally.

The curtain rises on the 09 edition of March Madness at noon on Thursday and your brackets have to be in by that time. It’s that time of the year, boys and girls… a time to cut out of work and find a sports bar… a time to leach your company’s bandwidth as you follow game after game on your work computer. Sure, it’s a loss of productivity, but the economy is already in the shitter. What’s 4 hours a day really going to hurt?

You should do this because the world of sports revolves around proving yourself to be smarter than the other jackass at the bar at 10am sucking down Jack and Cokes waiting for the games to start so you are assured a primo location at said bar while you choke down Nachos and wings and all other methods to slowly commit suicide one cheese filled deep fried bite at a time. So we hear. Fill out your brackets, OTPers, and feast on ball of the basket variety.

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