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Cardinal Corner: Chris Allen

OTP is proud to present our next installment of Cardinal Corner. It’s our chance to catch up with Cardinals of the past and gain some inside insight into this year’s Cardinal football team. Today’s guest? Chris Allen, a 4-year letterman at strong safety for the Cardinals from 2004-2007.

Cardinal Corner: Chris Allen

OverThePylon: Chris, everyone that has watched the Cards in recent years remembers you as a tireless worker, team captain, and just a great person to have on the roster in terms of attitude and commitment. Can you tell us a little about what you’re up to these days?
Chris Allen: Currently Working in Connersville IN, at Stant Mfg. Inc. As a laboratory technician. Stant is a supplier of automotive fuel system components. Besides that just trying take care of my pregnant wife. And our dog!

OTP: As an alum and former letter winner, how does it feel to see the Cardinals getting so much love from the press and doing so well on the field?
CA: I am very proud of the boys. I am glad that they are doing what they need to do on the field. Ball State is a hard working team and I glad the the coaches and players and support staff are able to see that it does pay off. The press is great for the school. Its good for students and fans to say look at what Ball State is doing.

OTP: Since you played your entire career for him, chat a little about Brady Hoke. Is the team’s success this year a one-year phenomenon or is he turning the corner in Muncie to continued success? More importantly, do you see Coach Hoke staying in Muncie for very long?
CA: I would be so wrong to say that this year is a one-year phenomenon. Every year you have the opportunity to do what Ball State is doing now. Ball State, week to week has capitalized on those opportunities. Coach and the staff has worked hard to improve every year, and when you look back that is what has happened. I cant say what Coach Hoke’s plans are but I can say that He does take a lot of pride in coaching at his alma mater.

OTP: As much as the front 7 on defense seems to be taking a bit of a beating this season in comparison to the offense, the secondary seems loaded with talent. What are your thoughts about the defensive back corps?
CA: They look very good this year. I am glad to see them doing good and working together as a unit. And with the young guys playing there should be football coming from that group in the future.

OTP: Can you give us your favorite memory as a football Cardinal?
CA: I have so many I can’t say one is my favorite. I will comment on the experience as a Cardinal. There is nothing like it to be able to be a part of a Division 1 football program was really a blessing. From the workouts, to the games, to just bonding with my brothers on the team. I really miss and cherish the time spent as a player at Ball State.

(Ed. Note: A big thanks to Chris for taking the time away from life and pending fatherhood to talk Ball State for a bit)

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