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Central Michigan Separated at Birth… Part 1

Most everyone will get a “You look just like…” at some point in their life. We here at OTP are proud to present the CMU edition of Separated at Birth!

DL Casey Droscha and Steve Sanders

DB Chaz West and Whoopi!

LS Brian Bennyhoff and Eminem

WR Cedric Fraser and Nick Cannon, he of sucky MTV fame

OL Allen Ollenberger and Landfill from Beerfest (or Officer Farva)

K Andrew Aguila and Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite

DB Josh Wilkins and Adam Duritz

DL John Williams and the fat guy from the movie Annapolis

WR Jean Pitts and Tracy Chapman

LS Jake Ekkens and Jimmy the Crip from South Park

WR Darren Martin and an upside down mop

QB Derek Rifenbury and an old woman’s magic bingo troll

3 Responses

  1. I pray to God that UpsideDownMop plays this week. Pray to God, not Allah. Mr. Bauer, don’t make me get the hose.

  2. Effing love it…

    But he’s LANDFILL from Beerfest NOT Lunchbox…

    Just doin’ my part to keep blogging semi credible!

  3. Upside down mop for the win.

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