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Humpday Quickies

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve thrown up our Humpday Quickies, but here we are. It’s the humpiest of days. Nothing really of note on the Cardinals that wasn’t already covered, so we’ll move ahead to the Wildcats who face Vandy this week. Is it winnable? Sure. Will they win? Who the hell knows. This Wildcat team is anyone’s guess, as is Vandy, really. We’re just as likely to see a 50-40 game as we are 17-10. We’ll get to all that later in the week, but for now, here’s what’s happening…

Kentucky Quickies:

  • The Spread is coming to Kentucky! Of course, not by choice, more so because of the rampant injury bug going around.
  • Mark Story says regardless of Rich Brooks’ steady assertion that they need a 7th win to get to a bowl, they’re in.
  • Brian Rickerd from The State Journal chats a bit about the “crossroads” that this Kentucky team is facing.
  • Always entertaining TeamSpeedKills provides some humor with an SEC Coaches’ Poker Game. Rich Brooks thinks its bullshit.
  • As expected, DeMoreo Ford’s career is over. But some hope in the coaching department. Good luck, DF.
  • A Sea of Blue gives great insight and evaluation about the Cats offense and season. A must read.

Other Quickies:

  • In case you’re ever down here in College Park, MD visiting the OTP home office, beware large football players hanging out at Cornerstone Bar. They tend to instigate bar brawls and punch cops. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
  • Joel at RockyTopTalk, who we link to often and read even more often, has made his case for Mike Leach to be the next head coach at Tennessee. When my UT friend asked me who I would hire when the story broke, Leach was the first and only name I gave him. If UT is smart, they will throw mountains of money to get this man to Knoxville.
  • The BCS might be heading to ESPN, assuming Fox can’t pony up the same sort of dough. Which they won’t. So enjoy Mark May douching it up during the championship game.
  • Tirico Suave brings the LOLs for Notre Dame fans and haters as the Irish and Coach Weis sort of struggle to find their way.
  • Mike Leach is a helluva coach, and apparently a panic-inducer at the NASDAQ. No one said winning came cheap.
  • West By God Virginia opines on their offensive ineptitude this season in humorous fashion.
  • What’s that Ron Zook? Jealous of Indiana stealing all the press by losing to a MidAmerican conference team. Twice. Ok… you’re up.
  • USC and Pete Carrol? Stoked. But not about that stupid BCS mind you.

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