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Counter-Intelligence: Saurian Sagacity

In an effort to gain some much needed counter-intelligence on the upcoming matchup with the Florida Gators, we exchanged questions with our favorite Florida bloggers about their team, their coach, and all things Gator related. Today’s session is with Henry Gomez, one of the resident experts for Saurian Sagacity. Enjoy! (Our answers to their questions will be linked when posted)

OTP: Kentucky has beaten Florida once since I’ve been alive. A thrilling 10-3 win in 1986 over Galen Hall’s Gators. Does the streak continue this year? And assuming the answer is yes, do you expect a Spurrier-esque 50-point pounding or a Merciful Urban sort of 20 point win?

SS: Ah Galen Hall. I began my life as a Gator the following year when I entered UF as a Freshman in 1987. I wasn’t really aware of UK’s futility during that period. On the bright side for you guys, I think the Wildcats are underrated. Especially on defense. But I think you’re catching the Gators at the wrong time. One-loss with the big prize still in theoretical grasp and a bunch of unfriendly computers in the way doesn’t bode well for UK.

OTP: The Kentucky offense has struggled mightily save for a flash of a great six minutes or so against a hapless Arkansas team. Which unit cracks first and has a break out game? The Kentucky offense or the Florida secondary? Why?

SS: Don’t know. See answer to number 3 below. I think the real question is how will Florida’s offense do against Kentucky stingy (to date) defense.

OTP: Florida is coming off a 30-point spanking of LSU and a bye week. For the Kentucky faithful is there a weakness in the armor of Florida?

SS: More than weaknesses I’d say question marks. I know it seems crazy to say this many weeks in but we still don’t know what kind of team we have, especially on defense. Our best win was against LSU, a team we suspect is much worse than people think. We’ve had two bye weeks already and thus have played fewer games than many other teams in the top 25. The really tough stretch of schedule, believe it or not, begins this week with you guys, UGA in Jax and then at Vandy.

OTP: So your QB is out cutting off dickskins in the offseason and mentoring rapists and murderers about the awesomeness of Jesus. Do you guys find the collective love affair with Tebow and the national media as infuriating as the rest of us?

SS: We’re definitely not infuriated by it. Before last season I was asked by some UT bloggers “What happens if Tebow is a bust?” and I honestly answered “I don’t know, I don’t even know who our back-up is.” We had no choice but to believe the hype. Now if you’re asking me if I’d like it better if he were banging broads and hanging out at keggers, then I’d probably say “yes, that appeals to the part of me that isn’t a 39-year old father of 14-month old twins.” It’s kind of hard to live vicariously through a vessel of our Lord and Savior.

OTP: Speaking of murderers and rapists, would you consider Miami or Florida State your biggest rival? Does the Kentucky game even get the fanbase remotely enthused?

SS: Our biggest rival has been Tennessee over the recent past. It’s been either them or us for the SEC east. Now with UT sucking, and UGA rushing the field in Jax last year like they had never scored a TD before, I think all Gators want to put down the Dawgs. Put down as in humanely, or maybe inhumanely, who gives a shit? FSU is a dead man walking with the NCAA hangman lurking. Miami? I thought Randy Shannon was going to turn them around but what I hear locally in Miami is making me change my mind on that. Kentucky? Honestly I’d be lying if I told you Kentucky gets our hackles up. Last year there was anticipation and trepidation with Woodson going up against our crummy pass defense. And it was a close game. I think what we’re seeing is that you have to respect EVERY SEC team on your schedule, lest you get croomed or now nutted.

OTP: Give our readers something we wouldn’t know about this Florida football team that makes them a lock to win the game. Conversely, give us something we may not know about Florida that makes you think Kentucky has a shot.

SS: You’ve already mentioned the bye week. I think Urban Meyer has some ungodly statistic like being 5000-1 in season openers and other games he has more than one week to prepare for. Also home games at Florida in the Urban Meyer era are pretty good for the Gators and after losing to Ole Piss at home I’m sure Meyer has had Underarmor commercials playing in an endless loop in the weight room. But here’s the weakness. Gator home games sometimes lack the type of intensity you see at other places. Gator fans can be lulled into a quiet unease if you hang around and keep it close. It’s almost like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. That’s second nature for many of us who have been fans long enough to remember Galen Hall.

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