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Arkansas Gameday

So here we are, roughly 10 hours from kickoff of the Arkansas-Kentucky game. Over the past several days Arkansas fans have some out of the woodwork to this little corner of the internet and spewed their noise about their Hog football team for any and all to hear.

Here’s what we’ve learned, if we only listened to Hog fans…
  1. Arkansas is a much better program and consistently beats Kentucky. This shouldn’t be close because the Razorbacks have been dominating the Wildcats for years.
  2. Arkansas has a potent rushing attack and is an offensive juggernaut. They will shred Kentucky’s defense.
  3. I am blinded by my hatred for Bobby Petrino. The man is actually a saint and doesn’t deserve all the negative attention. Hugs for Bobby!!!
  4. This blog is written by a no-credential, amateur, hack, who has sex with his sister, and follows a team that has no football history whatsoever. Kentucky football is a joke and they don’t even deserve to step on the field with the powerful Arkansas Razorbacks, much less have a blog written about them.
Let’s take a little trip through the OTP No Spin Zone and see what the truth is in these half-assed attempts to make us and Kentucky look bad…
  1. Verdict: Not True. Kentucky owns a 3-2 series lead over the Razorbacks. Included in this stat is a 2-0 lead at Fayetteville (1-1 at home, and 0-1 at “neutral” Little Rock). As for the tradition argument, Arkansas has a good one. I will readily admit that. Even though they are doing that whole Claim-Your-National-Championship thing with a Helms trophy, but whatever. Their tradition makes it even sweeter to say we have a winning record against them.
  2. Verdict: Not True. I’ve given the statistics, RV has given the statistics, Edge has given the statistics. 11th in the conference in rushing. 96th nationally. Had you said you had a decent passing attack, that would be different. But you didn’t.
  3. Verdict: Not True. Bobby Petrino is a douche. And anyone not named Petrino or wearing an Arkansas hat will tell you the same. Hell, some in your fanbase will tell you that also. Is one of the reasons I dislike him because he beat Kentucky like a drum when he coached at Louisville? Absolutely. That’s sort of the point. See: Tennessee fans and Steve Spurrier. 
  4. Verdict: Not Even Worth The Time. I won’t defend my credentials because truthfully, most of you backwater hillbillies couldn’t figure out the abbreviations or degrees. As for who doesn’t deserve to step on the field with whom, I guess we’ll see about 11pm tonight when 95% of you will crawl back to the holler from whence you came.
I’m sure this will garner another barrage of crudely constructed replies and witty retorts of the standard “Kentucky sucks! Bobby Petrino is God!!! Our rushing attempt is awesome! You suck!! WOOO PIGGGIE!!!!”. So if that’s what you’ve got, save it.
Go Cats!

3 Responses

  1. As I type this, Michael Smith is absolutely shredding the Kentucky defense. Still think our running game sucks? Morons…

    Back to mediocrity for the WussyCats…

  2. Premature E-Commentation is a problem best solved with a doctor’s help.

  3. hey guys, what did I miss???

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