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Cardinal Roundtable: Bye Week Edition

In an effort to rally the troops of the blogosphere who share their affinity for the Ball State University Cardinals, OTP is proud to present the next installment of the Cardinal Roundtable. Each week, a different BSU blog will pose questions to the group about the upcoming game and the season in general. Phil over at The Sixth Ball Brother is up this week, and the links to our Blog Buddy counterparts can be found at the bottom. Go Cards!

1. As I type this, TCU is beating BYU 23-0. Will TCU leapfrog us and, if so, will they lose again so we could get by them?
Well, TCU did in fact hold on, and yes, I think they do leapfrog us. BYU got a lot of love from the national media, was a Top 10 team, considered a virtual lock for the BCS, and an outside shot at a national title, so that will help TCU shoot up in the rankings. The fact that we have an off week doesn’t help. So when this weekend draws to a close, we’ll actually be further from the BCS, because BYU will still be above us, as will Utah and Boise State, but TCU will be added in there as well. Does TCU lose again? Probably against the aforementioned Utah Utes. Does Utah lose? Probably against BYU but who knows. The Cardinals can’t worry about the mess ahead of them, they just need to worry about the games they play.

2. What’s your biggest concern with the Cardinals at the midway point of the year?
As strange as it sounds, the offense. The slow starts the last couple of weeks have been overcome because we’re playing substandard talent and, given enough time, a team with far greater talent wins. However, upcoming games against Central, Western, or NIU worry me greatly if the offense can’t stick it to someone early.

3. What’s your favorite aspect of this team?
I think my favorite aspect of this team is the fact we AREN’T getting love from the media. Sure, we’re getting airtime, but most everyone in the world writes off Ball State for a weak schedule, down conference, etc. etc. To borrow some perspective probably better suited in Edge’s Rock & Roll Report Card, it’s almost liking the band no one has ever heard of. On one hand, you want them to get massively famous, but on the other, you sort of like being a part of the best kept secret around.

4. What’s your favorite college football moment of all time?
While I would like to say the Kentucky-LSU game, where the Wildcats dropped the eventual nation champion in 2007, I didn’t see the game. So instead, I will say Homecoming in 2001 against Toledo. Ranked, huge crowd, nation’s longest losing streak, etc. I was one of the folks who carried the uprights down to the duck pond, one of the folks who carried it from the duck pond to our fraternity house, and still have a large piece of fluerescent steel sitting on my desk here at work.

5. What TV shows are on your season pass?
I have one of the crappy old school single tuner TIVO’s, so I’m limited. From Sunday–> Saturday, it’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Army Wives, How I Met Your Mother, House, the SVU, and Grey’s Anatomy. Friday Night Lights and 24 will be on there when they come back. I also TIVO College Gameday and PTI, Around the Horn daily.

6. What are your top five favorite movies of all time?
That’s tough. I’ll go with Godfather 1 and 2, Goodfellas, For Love of the Game, and Field of Dreams.

The Other Participants:

  • The 6th Ball Brother
  • Ball U Nation

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