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Unscientific Preview: Kentucky vs. Arkansas


I remember Arkansas games of the past… overtime thrillers… shootouts… so much offense you’d think you were watching Arena Ball. Gone are the ghosts of Houston Nutt and Darren McFadden. Andre Woodson isn’t walking through the door, either. What you have is two teams, neither of which have a losing record, but both of which might be playing some of the most uninspired, inept football this side of Washington State.

For Kentucky it’s been a season of defensive intensity, offensive frustration, and injuries like I cannot remember. I’m just waiting for the headline that says someone spontaneously combusted at practice.

For Arkansas, it’s just been a season to forget. They did just defeat Auburn… but is that really worth bragging about? I will say this now, and get it out of the way… I hate Bobby Petrino. Hate. Hate. Hatehatehate. I think the man is the lowest douchebag on the entire spectrum of douchebags. I am a firm believer that Petrino was a habitual line stepper in terms of the rules at Louisville, as evidenced by the sheer amount of thugs that played there. Hate. With. A. Passion.

Having said that, the SEC best get its licks in now on Bobby P. while they can. Within 5 years he’ll have either left for a new job, gotten busted by the NCAA for cheating, or have a consistent winner. It’s the Petrino way. On to the game…

Offense: Yes, Kentucky has problems on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive line has looked porous at times. The run game has been questionably called and executed. The Cats haven’t averaged more than 6 yards per pass in a game all season. Mike Hartline makes me want to punt kittens. Lather, rinse, repeat. Arkansas is more of the same, really. It’s the first year in a new system, a horrible rush game, and no real vertical threat to speak of. Casey Dick is still Casey Dick, only this year doesn’t have the luxury of teams putting 9 in the box to stop Felix Jones or McFadden. Dick and company will struggle against Kentucky’s defense. Mightily. Epically. And I will laugh in Petrino’s general direction.
Advantage: If only for the defense they’re going against.

Defense: Arkansas has given up 212 points through 6 games. Kentucky has given up 63. The good news for Akransas is they aren’t facing a Texas or Alabama. Still, though, the defenses are not close, and they won’t be for several years. Defense was never really Petrino’s thing at Louisville, and it certainly wasn’t his bag with the Falcons. Unless you count defending himself for sucking.

Coaching: Brooks versus Petrino. The guy who gave Spurrier an “Aw… bullshit” versus the guy who wants so badly to be Spurrier he can’t stand it. Petrino is a poor man’s version of Spurrier… no-class, arrogant, douchey, and universally hated by most not in the fanbase or his immediate family. The difference is Spurrier is a winner, and Petrino has won nothing, save for a Big East title. Oooooooo. Color me unimpressed, Bob.
Advantage: Push. If it were personality, it’s no contest, but Petrino knows x’s and o’s offensive football. Still, the guy is a turd.

Random Page 1 Google Image search for Razorback:

Random Page 1 Google Image search for Wildcat:

Advantage: Let’s take a look at these pictures… For Kentucky, there’s a nice little kitten. Hopping through a field of wildflowers. Awww. For Arkansas, HOLY SHIT!!! What the hell is that thing?! Is it a hog? A cow? Ralph Friedgen? And more importantly, sweet cowboy hat.

Overall: If you’re looking for exciting football, I’d stay away from this one. This looks to be one of those 10 point or so games, not very exciting, probably a lot of punts. Boredom. Yawns. Left tackle, right tackle, incomplete pass, punt. But this game is epic for the Wildcats, as a loss means you can go ahead and call it basketball season. A win leaves them in the hunt for a Bowl Game, and gives this team some needed momentum for the upcoming games against the meat of the SEC.

Kentucky: 21
Arkansas: 10

23 Responses

  1. KY has the better offense? really? i mean, you obviously don’t know who currently leads the SEC in rushing (M. Smith) and who is the No. 2 leading passer in the SEC (C. Dick). Arkansas has its problems, but yardage production isn’t one of them. 2 biggest problems: Scoring in the red zone and special teams. And i would LOVE to see how well the KY defense would fare against the 4 game stretch that Arkansas just went through. Come out of that with even ONE win and I would be impressed. Not sure if KY could pull that off.

  2. Alan: Your an idiot. Check some facts before you write anymore drivel. Arkansas’ rush game is better than most in the SEC. Our offense hasnt been a problem, the D has. You just cant get over your dislike of Petrino. Sounds like your a bit jealous your team doesnt have a top tier coach. See ya Doosh!

  3. JT,

    Grammar errors aside, (your and you’re are not the same thing), Arkansas’ rushing attack before the Auburn game last weekend was #107 in the country. Hardly staggering or even “mediocre”. They put up 188 against Auburn. Congrats? Ok. And I agree, the defense is A problem for you, but not THE problem. 107, JT. 107.

    Offense not the problem? Aside from the three points you threw up against Auburn last week, you have scored a combined zero first quarter points through three games. There’s slow starting and inept. (I can define the last word for you if you’re confused.)

    WOO Pigs. Or something like that.

  4. Wow. JT. First off, you’re (like that?) an idiot.

    Arkansas’ rush game is better than one in the SEC. Now, maybe OTP doesn’t understand what you mean by ‘most’; but unless it means “better than South Carolina”, you’ve failed.

    Please, do help us check our facts. I must not be reading the correct information. Arkansas isn’t the 96th ranked rushing team in the country? 11th in the conference? Sure, feel free to take away negative rushing yards to pad stats, but do me a favor and save it. Because herein lies the problem.

    Scoring offense…102nd in the country? How can you say the offense hasn’t been a problem? Maybe the 114th ranked turnover margin is a problem.

    Sounds to me like the defense hasn’t been given a chance to shine. Forgive me for not knowing how all the Arkansas games have played out, but I’d venture to guess that the defense has had to defend some short fields…thanks to the offense (not the 19th ranked punting team).

    And I don’t think anyone is jealous of a team who has Bobby Petrino. Certainly the Atlanta Falcons would take Brooks over Petrino. Most people can’t get over their dislike for Petrino, that’s sort of the reasoning behind disliking him.

  5. RV… Arkansas is actually ranked 98th, not 96th. WOO pig!

  6. Sorry, I just prefer Petrino to Hawkins and Schiano. I hope their fans don’t come over and cry about us being biased because their coach is a douche (not doosh).

  7. I think Arky fans are confused… When you have one player with more than 60 rushing yards it doesn’t spell out a good running game (just as a note, UK has 4 players with 120 yards rushing or more).

    Your RB is 2nd in the SEC in rushing, if you think he is going to carry it the 30+ times it necessitates for him to gain over 100 yards against this defense you are smoking something…

    Your offense is not good. Your defense is worse… G/L this weekend…

  8. Arkansas has had no problems moving the ball, and is a young team that has shown improvements each week. Those improvements include its atrocious defense against the run. Also, when checking Arkansas’ ranking in various NCAA categories, be sure to factor in that those are numbers put up against the likes of Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Auburn. Yes, Auburn. Maybe their offense sucks, but their defense has been rock solids all season.

    Kentucky is beat up and one loss away from turning its total focus onto the “real” sport in the state. That is a team looking for answers, and you guys know it.

    As for Petrino, like him or hate him, but the man can coach. And as a Hog fan, I’d rather have somebody knowing what their doing on the sidelines more than a “cheerleader” who knows how to properly climb up the band’s ladder after the game and lead the fight song. Rah rah blah blah blah…

  9. Polskapig,

    Already reaching for the “Kentucky’s a basketball school and will lose focus now” argument? That’s a bit of a stretch.

    One of your posters on hogville said it best… (and I’m paraphrasing) “let what happens on the field do the talking. Now… where’s my cousin?”

  10. I’m just flabergasted by the confidence that beating a 4-3 Auburn team is garnering. I mean, they defeated the two worst teams in the conference (UT and MSU) by a combined 3 points… Their OC just got canned and their HC isn’t far behind.

    That (Auburn) defense is good. But when you’re on the field 60% of the plays it’s easy to get worn down. It’s why you lose a 20-10 lead in the last 18 minutes…

  11. “their defense has been rock solids all season”

    “Rock Solids” – the newest line of articles from Edge. Invading your face-holes November 2008.

  12. wait, I do need to comment on that picture Alan. Now, I’m no hunter, and it’s not just because I have no moustache or coller of PBR at the moment. But, what is the point of camouflage if you leave your WHITE arms bare and wear a WHITE cowboy hat?

    I will give the guy one thing: he bagged an animal with one hand because apparently he will not hunt without his Sony Handycam. Despite these red (white) flags, razorbacks must be an idiotic animal.

  13. Alan,

    Its great to see a Kentucky guy making incest jokes to an Arkansan. Pot meet Kettle.
    As far as the game goes, Arkansas’ stats are misleading as many players have been injured/suspended and haven’t played the entire season. As those players return to the field, we have seen in mprovement on both sides of the ball. Also we have just gotten through the most difficult 4 game stretch in school history. We have never played 4 ranked teams in a row, not to mention the fact that they have all been top 10 teams at some point and 2 are now #1 and #2 nationally. As much as you hate Petrino, you have to admit that he is one of the top coaches in the country and is arguably one of the best play-callers in college football today. I think our offense will do at least as well against the UK D as it did against Auburn. The fact that you are missing your top WR will be big. I think both our offense and defense will suprise you.
    See you after the game.

  14. “Anonymous”,

    The injury argument is a moot one, as Kentucky has been devestated by injury as well. That isn’t a uniquely Arkansas problem.

    I won’t admit anything about Petrino other than the fact that he’s a bag ‘o’ douche. The guy looked like a genius up I-64 in Louisville because he recruited players with piss poor judgment but great athletic skills that no one wanted to take a chance on. Kragthorpe is paying the price now. Will he recruit to Arkansas? Probably. But there’s a whole lot more eyes on him in the SEC than at Louisville. Those hundred dollar handshakes are eventually going to come out.

    And no, I won’t see you after the game. Because “anonymous” posters don’t come back after their team gets smacked around. But if you’d like to, feel free to register, so when I can out the idiots, I can specify you by name, or by exception if you do come back.

  15. Can’t we just get along??? Well, no we are AR and KEN. Anyway, truth be told….we both suck this year, but I belive AR has a better future with 16 TRUE fish starting and a new program and coach. Love him or hate him, he is good. I despise Pete Carroll, but I would love him to be on my teams sideline. I say this game is a toss up, who sucks the least wins. In other words, less mistakes wins the game. GO HOGS!

  16. My prediction

    AR-24 (If we can mick a freaking FG)

  17. Wow! It seems like you’ve been watching a different football season than the rest of us. Look at the stats of the Ark v Aub game and you’ll wonder how the hell Aub was even in the game. Gifts from wonderboy Casey Dick and special teams is the answer. KY better pray they get the same generosity from the Hogs this week of they don’t have a chance!

    All I hear about KY is they have a great defense but who have you actually stopped? The one game you like to brag about is Alabama in which you gave up 282 yards rushing. Against a terrible Gamecock offense you gave up 274 yards passing.

    Just be ready for a long day UK fans

  18. Matt, I’m sorry. I don’t follow. If your Quarterback hadn’t made mistakes and your special teams wouldn’t have given up big plays, Arkansas would’ve beaten Auburn? That’s what you’re hanging your hat on? It’s too bad Vince Young played in the Rose Bowl in 2006, otherwise USC would’ve won the National Championship that year.

    I JUST heard another Arkansas fan saying something about yardage production not being a problem for them, but they just can’t score in the red zone. That sounds strikingly similar to the way a lot of teams have been performing on defense. Such as, surrendering only 10.5 points per game. Against a ‘terrible Gamecocks offense’, Georgia gave up 271 yards passing. Is that ok? Or did Georgia come out on top?

    I’m actually indifferent when it comes to this game, as I enjoy f*ing with Alan as much as possible. But at this point, Arkansas fans are just cherry picking stats to try and come up with a reason for their obvious win on Saturday.

    Instead of trying to make yourself look better through stats, why don’t you work on something that makes a little more sense. Maybe the fact that Kentucky has inconsistencies abound. Or teach me about how this Razorback team is prime for a breakout game, because of some reason or another. I’ll buy that LONG before I buy a “we did this against this team, so you better be ready” or some equally bullshit principle.

    Just try harder. Please.

  19. LOL! its battle of words that make no difference in the end that make the internet fun. First off, my fellow hogs leave these guys to live unrealistically if they choose to do so. They, providing they don’t have @$$holes where their brains belong, will do the same.

    Its true that turnovers and special teams and stupid penalties have killed us in the past. Its also true that UK has lost to a “horrible” SC team that they are inflating for the purpose their arguement.

    Guys its time to leave cause as hog fans we are one of the most hated teams because our coach was labeled by the world wide leader in media bias. That and do to certain inaccuracies brought about in this blog and our die hard attitudes.

    Enjoy the game and neither side should be able to complain because the better team with the fewest penalties and brain-farts should come out ahead.

  20. why is this even an issue. jesus, how much of a jackass do you have to be to post something taht you dont tell the whole story about. are you angry with petrino because he beat kentucky? are you a falcons fan? good grief how in the hell can you think that KY (jelly) can whip arkansas and why is it a big deal? good god your, im sorry you’re an idiot and i will come back after the game. dont care who wins but when a douche bag calls a douche bag a douche bag, you get you.

  21. Kentucky has the 86th ranked strength of schedule at this point. They have only played one ranked opponent this season and they lost that game. So far they have played games against Louisville, Norfolk State, Middle Tennessee State, Western Kentucky, Alabama, and South Carolina. These are not the most prolific offensive teams in the NCAA. In fact, Kentucky’s first six opponents average 76th in the nation in scoring offense, 80th in the nation in total offense, and 78th in the nation in passing offense.

    Its pretty easy to brag about defensive stats after playing the weakest portion of your schedule. Let’s see what happens against Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Vandy, and Tennessee before we proclaim that Kentucky has an iron curtain on the defensive side of the ball.

    By the end of this season the Kentucky defense will not rank in the top half of the conference in any major statistical category.

  22. Sounds like both teams are ready for basketball season…lol

    Lets just sit back and enjoy the game and hope no major injuries come out of it….MIDNIGHT MADNESS IS APPROACHING…


  23. Amen Kevin…

    My neighbor is a huge KY fan and we plan on havin a BBQ and talking trash back and forth. This is why all of us kids too old to play love this stuff!

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