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Blogpoll: Week 2

OverThePylon is not a registered voting member in the official College Football BlogPoll hosted at MGoBlog. If we were, this would be our poll.

Rank Team Delta
1. Florida (2-0)
2. USC (1-0)
3. Georgia (2-0)
4. Oklahoma (2-0)
5. Ohio State (2-0)
6. Missouri (2-0)
7. LSU (1-0)
8. Auburn (2-0) 1
9. Texas (2-0) 1
10. Arizona State (2-0) 1
11. Wisconsin (2-0) 1
12. Texas Tech (2-0) 1
13. Kansas (2-0) 1
14. East Carolina (2-0) 12
15. Brigham Young (2-0)
16. Alabama (2-0)
17. Penn State (2-0)
18. Oregon (2-0) 1
19. South Florida (2-0) 1
20. Wake Forest (2-0) 2
21. Fresno State (1-0) 2
22. Ball State (2-0) 2
23. California (2-0) 3
24. Utah (2-0) 2
25. UCLA (1-0) 1

New to the Poll:
East Carolina (#14)
California (#23)
Utah (#24)
UCLA (#25)

Dropped Out:
West Virginia (#8)
Clemson (#18)
Tennessee (#21)
South Carolina (#25)

Waiting In the Wings:

  • Georgia Tech: A win against the BC Eagles, but a sloppy win. At 2-0, but facing contests against Virginia Tech and Mississippi State, the Jackets have the chance to prove they’re worthy of poll inclusion
  • Oklahoma State: A team at 2-0 with no real tests so far. Very easily could be 5-0 before playing Mizzou. Probably in within the next several weeks simply as teams above them lose.
  • Kentucky: Similar to Oklahoma State, but with at least an impressive defense and a victory over Louisville. Two more cupcakes in Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky before having a chance to prove themselves against Alabama
  • Vanderbilt: Big win against South Carolina on Thursday night, 2-0, games against Rice and Ole Miss looming.
  • West Virginia: Asses kicked on Saturday by East Carolina. Needs to rebound to prove poll-worthy at Colorado this weekend.
  • Former ranked teams needing good performances: We’re looking at you Clemson, Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois, Rutgers


  • We fixed some errors this week. Our week 1 logic left teams in such as Tennessee and Clemson in the hope that maybe no one would step up and demand to take their spots. Tennessee didn’t play, and Clemson beat up on the Citadel. Neither one made us hold their spots, so out they go.
  • West Virginia is out, but part of me wanted to leave them in a la Clemson last week. I think it’s a combination of overvaluing WVU and undervaluing East Carolina, but should WVU lay the wood to Colorado, they’ll be back.
  • Had USC played anyone decent this week, they probably would have leapfrogged Florida. They sat idle, Florida was less than impressive, as was Ohio State, and Georgia beat up on Central Michigan. The only truly dominant performance against a team with respectable talent was Oklahoma, and jumping them 4 spots just seemed imprudent. So everyone stays where they were. Movement is coming. OSU-USC, UGA-South Carolina, Oklahoma-Washington. The potential loser is Florida, who has a bye week.
  • The bottom 7 or so could be one of probably 20 teams. All with good records, most undefeated through two games, none of whom have an impressive win that screams “Rank me”. More evidence is needed, so take the bottom third or so of this poll with a gigantic boulder of salt.
  • Non-BCS schools occupy 5 spots in out Top 25. And we’re ok with that.
  • The Kingdom of the SEC is falling. But just a smidge. Only 5 teams in the poll this week, but two waiting in the wings. It’s still a good time to be an SEC fan.

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