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Monday Hangover: Northwestern

Wilbon was happy Saturday, I'm sure.

Wilbon was happy Saturday, I’m sure.

You know, this is going to sound weird, but Saturday could have been much much worse. Yes, I thought there were opportunities for the Cardinals to get a win, on the road, against a top 25 team and those kind of moments don’t come around often for BSU and certainly weren’t expected this year. No, I didn’t think that would be likely before the game started. We can harp on opportunities squandered, defensive lapses, and how this somehow got away from us, but I think that would be missing the broader narrative and doing a disservice to the team and their efforts.

In all honesty, I feel considerably better about this team than I did after VMI, Texas A&M, and in some respects Eastern Michigan. I feel like the offense is finally in the hands of the QB that it needs to be in for success to be achieved. I feel like Darian Green is going to be something special to watch in Muncie for the next bit of time. I feel like we’re already doing that with Jordan Williams. On the negative side, I feel like the defense is still mediocre and the playcalling at times leaves a bit to be desired, but all in all, those things are at least palatable if not outright fixable with time.

So, it wasn’t a win but it wasn’t a game I walk away from pissed off or upset about. It would have been nice to have won the game, but the outcome of this season isn’t impacted one way or another because of this loss. For now, the issue isn’t Northwestern and the Cards’ performance in Evanston. Oh, no. Every bit of focus, every bit of effort, every bit of attention has to shift to the MAC and this week’s opponent, Toledo. The rest of the season and the goals we all had when it started are still attainable, but it starts with a victory over Toledo. Make it so, CPL.

What say you? What were your takeaways from Northwestern?

Riley Neal on a Velociraptor? Riley Neal on a Velociraptor

Sure, Northwestern is a 20 point favorite this weekend. Sure, Ball State is going to start a true freshman at quarterback on the road against a Big Ten opponent. Sure, the opponent is ranked 17th in the country. Sure, Ball State had some difficulty with Virginia Military Institute. Sure, Ball State got curb stomped by Texas A&M. Sure, Northwestern beat Stanford and Duke and only allows around 6 points a game on average. Those are all facts. But if you haven’t learned it by now, facts are optional at the Pylon. Take those facts and [REDACTED] with them. That was before Riley Neal. I SAID THAT WAS BEFORE RILEY NEAL, FOOL.


You know what’s more American than Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor with an American flag blowing in the breeze while he blows shit up? Riley Neal. Let me fix that for you, Internet….

Riley Neal Ball State

You’re welcome, America.

Cards Open MAC Play, World Hangs in Balance

kevin2So here’s the deal. Saturday, Ball State opens MAC play against EMU. Channel your inner Kevin Hart and repeat after me…. MAC Opener. Road Game. Ypsilanti. Grey field. No fans. Suck ass team. One pillow. No pillowcase. It’s getting real up in here.

Suffice to say after a somewhat disappointing performance against VMI that ended up closer than any of us liked, would have expected, or could extrapolate anything from followed by an ass thrashing at the hands of A&M that ended up closer than it probably should have been and giving us nothing to extrapolate out from the performance. It’s not been a fun week around OTP Manor. Do we take positive away from the A&M game? Do we bring up the fact that there is literally no inclination of who is going to start at QB when the game opens for the Cardinals on Saturday? Do we just sit and rock ourselves back and forth and whisper to ourselves that things are going to be ok? WHO KNOWS?!? BLOGGING IS HARD! STOP YELLING!

Realistically, I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. If FutureAlan came to me and told me the Cards laid the word to EMU and I celebrated into the early evening, I wouldn’t be surprised. If FutureAlan came to me and told me that aforementioned wood got laid to the Cards, I would be equally as non-shocked. All I know, is tomorrow is the first game of the year that we will be able to take anything away from in order to plan ahead for the 2015 season. 3:00pm tomorrow, and we’re comin’ in hot.

A&M 56, Ball State 23

You know what’s awesome? Puppies. Puppies are great. Wet noses, joyous inquisition, exceptional loyalty all making them the best damn pet anyone could ever hope to have. Puppies are great, man. They are just the wonderful amazement that you’ve come to know and love. Aces, man. Aces.

The pooch of OTP Manor, Wilbur

The pooch of OTP Manor, Wilbur

Also, CPL tried his damnedest to poopoo all over the point spread which I’m sure increased the pucker factor for all of you degenerates betting on a BSU game. So props to him. More tomorrow.


OTPcast 7.2

OTP Cast Logo200Cards better have my upset!
Ag fans should know us well enough
Cards better have my upset!
Please don’t call us on our bluff
Pay us what you owe us
Ballin’ bigger than LeBron
Ags, gave us their money
Who y’all think y’all frontin’ on?
Like brrap, brrap, brrap

Scheu construction and it’s all on me, Ags you just bought it all
Kamikaze if you think that you gon’ knock us off the top
Sumlin gonna need some help, needs to give Lembo a call
Don’t act like you forgot, Milas calls the shots, shots, shots
Like brrap, brrap, brrap
Pay us what you owe us, don’t act like you forgot

It’s time for your favorite Ball State sports podcast just in time for the A&M contest Saturday. The guys revisit VMI, chat A&M, Cards in the NFL, and the average American. Turn it on, turn it up, get your chirp on!

Couple of different ways to hear this puppy. Viewing OTP in a feedreader? Then visit the site or download the mp3 from iTunes by clicking here. You can also check the OTPcast on your Android device via Stitcher Radio here. Leave us a rating if you like what you hear! Enjoy…

Revisit Hulk Smashing Leg Day Before It Made it on College Gameday

Last week, the Cards made their now annual visit to College Gameday. Last year it was because of an enterprising BSU student that had “We Want Bama” that was answered by an Alabama fan with “We Want Ball State”. This year? Leg day, obviously. There are worse ways to get on ESPN than the awesomeness that is Dave Feeley’s strength and conditioning program. Get your gainz, bro!

That is epic on so many levels.

The Official Ball State v. Texas A&M OTP Drinking Game

There seems to be an undercurrent through the Ball State fanbase that the Cardinals are in for tough sledding in College Station this weekend as they take on the Aggies of Texas A&M. Making the day-long drive to the Lonestar State to be amongst your Cardinal brethren? Well that’s wonderful for you. But if you aren’t going to the game and are looking for a way to enjoy some frosty beverages with Cardinal fans, then this drinking game should be right up your alley. Play it in a parking lot if you want the true tailgate experience. Let us know on Twitter how it goes with the hashtag #BSUDrink. Play responsible and all that jazz…

Drinking Game-2

Click to make bigger, print it out, tape it to the wall, go nuts.

Eat Like the Cardinals. On Second Thought, Don’t Do That

Ever wonder what football players eat to keep themselves in prime physical shape? I can tell you that based on personal results, it most certainly isn’t copious amounts of Bud Light and Taco Bell. That makes you a lot less college athlete and a lot more fat bastard, but I never had Dave Feeley telling me what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, and how to feel while doing it. And then banging out a 600 pound deadlift. THANKS A LOT, FEELEY.

BSU All Access dropped the below this week about the eating habits of your favorite football team. Enjoy…

Christ almighty, I bet with the fuel points on that order, they are paying the coaching staff to fill up. I also noticed a significant lack of pizza rolls, Pop Tarts, and bacon. College athletes have a hard life, man.

The OTP Dossier: Texas A&M

Aggie Mascot

Your Ball State Fighting Football Cardinals head down to the Lonestar State this weekend to break in Kyle Field and in the eyes of Aggie fans the world over, be the Macrificial Lamb for the grand opening of the newly renovated stadium. SEC opponents are not usually found girding their loins and daring to do battle with the Mighty MAC so it’s time we educate ourselves about the Texas A&M Aggies. Get to educatin’…

They’re Known as the Aggies
Aggies is apparently a colloquial term used for agricultural schools nation-wide, but Texas A&M is the Aggies that everyone knows. In much the same way rappers have reclaimed words that by definition are offensive, A&M has made Aggies less about hayseed bumpkins and more about dominant football teams. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

Their Mascot Isn’t Farm Related
How agricultural education and farmers relate to a dog, I’ll never know, but the pooch pictured above is A&M’s mascot, Reveille. They are now on Reveille IX (that’s 9 for the BSU people reading this) and I am quite positive that the dog lives better than 90% of the population. She also outranks all the cadets, and I can only hope she abuses that privilege by eating straight from the soft serve machine in the dining hall and pissing wherever she damn well pleases. Partly because she’s a dog. Partly because she owns the place.

If it’s Friday Night, it’s Yell Practice
A&M students gather at the football stadium the night before a home game to go over chants, cheers, and the like. We yell on Friday nights at BSU… in fraternity bedrooms! HI-O!!! I’ll go ahead and see myself out.

Speaking of Scoring…
It’s also tradition that whenever the Aggies score, if you’ve brought a date to the game you kiss them. If you’re single you hold up a lighter so single people can find each other. If all it takes is football points for an A&M student to get some lovin’, I have two thoughts:

  1. My guidance counselor completely dropped the ball in my college search.
  2. Never hire Stan Parrish to be the head coach at Texas A&M. Your students will be kissing less than that time they tried 6 minutes in heaven at the TB hospital.

There is a Mandatory Break to Appreciate Texas
Ever talk to someone from Texas? They let you know they are from Texas. They let you know they love Texas. They encourage you to love Texas as well. As such, at the first television timeout of the third quarter, there is a brief pause where the crowd in attendance takes a moment to appreciate all things Texas. Fans are encouraged to:

  • Voice discontent about the state of the country and how it is going to hell in a handbag
  • Celebrate any 6-inch or larger permed hair style in their general vicinity
  • Remind everyone within earshot that everything is bigger in Texas
  • Ask who the greatest baseball player in the history of baseball was. If they don’t respond with Nolan Ryan, punch them right in their suckhole.

Respect their traditions. We’re guests, after all.

Why Texas A&M Shouldn’t Worry Ball State Fans At All

The new Kyle Field, which is nice, I guess, if you're into brand new awesome stadiums.

The new Kyle Field, which is nice, I guess, if you’re into brand new awesome stadiums.

Remember in high school when you were totally and completely enamored with a fellow student of the female persuasion? In your eyes, she was perfect. Long flowing locks, mesmerizing tranquil eyes, and a personality that made you want to be a better man. You probably got nervous around her. She’d walk by, maybe even speak to you, and immediately your palms would start to sweat, the hair on your neck stood up, your mouth got dry, and you just stood there like a nervous, sweaty-palmed, hairy neck yoyo while she tooted on down the hallway.

In some respects, the same could be said for Texas A&M as Ball State fans read up on the next opponent for the Cardinals. The Aggies are the belle of the ball from week one, absolutely manhandling Arizona State and going from unranked to #16. The Aggies are opening up a new stadium, which could fit approximately five capacity Scheumann Stadium crowds. They will have a loud and boisterous crowd, a robust tailgate situation, a two-deep littered with 5 star (out of high school) recruits, and a coach that has been on a meteoric ride to the top of his profession. Are your palms sweaty yet? That hair on your neck standing up, Teen Wolf?

Let me let you in on a little secret. A&M is good, yes. They could be great. But you know, they are human just like the rest of us. They piss on the toilet seat and consider not cleaning it off just like you and me. I hope someone has shared that with the team. I hope someone has also shared some Clorox wipes for the locker room if that’s the case. But it’s also important for the fans to remember. A&M and their inherent mortality is quite like the aforementioned chick from high school, who ended up not being all that perfect after all. Sweaty palms aren’t a thing when you find out she’s slinging chunked and smothered hash browns at a Waffle House and probably giving out handies behind the dumpster.


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