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OTPcast 6.9

OTP Cast Logo200A long, long time ago
I can still remember,
How the Sycamores made me cry.
I knew if I had my chance
That we could podcast, take a stance
And maybe Cards fans wouldn’t die.

But Ozzie Mann he had me worried
When he passed he looked so hurried.
Tough games in the rearview
Toledo makes me so blue
I can’t remember if I cursed
I definitely walked out mouth pursed
The day… the Cardinals… lost.

Jason and Alan are back to go over the crushing Indiana State loss and turn the page to Toledo. Where do the Cards go from here? What’s the answer? They also touch on the Shamrock Series, their Playoff Final 4, and the no good weekend for the MAC. They close with the worst couple weeks in the history of the NFL. All that and more in this week’s OTPcast!

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MAC Blogger Roundtable

MacRoundTableAdmittedly, the MAC blogosphere has been an evolving little gem over the last several years. I guess as the MACtion on the field hit fever pitch, the MACtion on the web stepped up their game as well. What has also evolved is the MAC Roundtable. It’s not like King Arthur’s with turkey legs and wenches running around in corsets, because let’s be honest: turkey legs are a gigantic pain in the ass to eat and the service region for the MAC doesn’t lend itself well to females capable of squeezing into anything other than a giant rubbermaid trash can (Exception: the state of Indiana and BSU specifically). Have you seen some of the slumpbusters from Michigan and Ohio? Gooo. I’d rather spend an evening with a lit piece of sandpaper. But I digress.

The host of this week’s roundtable are the gents from LetsGoRockets, the Toledo blog. Normally in this space I give the host site a little good-natured ribbing but considering the beating these guys will have to endure on Saturday at the hands of the fightin’ Football Cardinals, let’s just get to it.

1) Three weeks into the season, discuss the biggest surprise (positive or negative) with your respective team?

Where to start. The biggest surprise has been without question the defensive performance. It’s been productivity unseen in ages in Muncie and benchmarks about points allowed and yardage that have been around for decades are dropping like crazy. That’s a good thing. It’s unfortunate that the year the defense decides to put up a world-class effort, the offense can’t stop stepping on its dick every fourth or fifth play. From the playcalling right on down to the execution, this season on the offensive side of the ball is reminiscent of Will Muschamp’s first season at Florida.

2) If you could augment your team with any one player (or coach) from any team in the country, who would you select and why?

If BSU had a quarterback that had a deep threat potential the offense would be off and running. Therefore, I’ll take Bryce Petty and his busted back, a thank you very much.

3) What, if any, game plan changes do you expect to see from your respective team as we dive in to the conference schedule?

There are two critical game plan edits that I’d like to see the Legendary Lembo Crew make. The first is throwing out the “Throw a short pass at the receiver’s feet” play, because that one isn’t working out as well as we thought it would. The second would be the defense of “allow a big-ass seam down the middle of the field that the opposing quarterback can abuse all day” probably needs to take a time out as well. The biggest gameplan edit I’d like to recommend would be “Win this game” because it seems like that is a sustainable strategy initiative.

4) It’s time for the first MAC Blogger ranking of the season – rank all 13 teams in the conference.

At this point, ranking MAC teams is a poopshow of futility but let it not be said that OTP was above getting muddy from time to time. The most correct MAC rankings you’re likely to find…

13. Kent State
12. UMass
11. Miami
10. EMU
9. Buffalo
8. BSU
7. Ohio6. WMU
5. Akron
4. Toledo
3. CMU
2. BG
1. NIU

Better Know: Toledo


The adage of “Put up or shut up” certainly seems applicable to the Fighting Football Cardinals this weekend, as they go on the road to the Glass Bowl to face the Toledo Rockets with a pretty high likelihood that the rest of the season hangs in the balance. With a demoralizing loss to Indiana State following a heartbreaker at Iowa, this team is on the precipice of one of two roads. Either the losses are fuel for the team going forward in a band-them-together-to-come-out-stronger kind of deal or they become an excuse to let the season unravel and with it, the program building of the last three seasons is swiftly detonated. So yes, this game, and more importantly than the outcome, the performance within it, is kind of large.

Before we get into the whys and the hows of the game itself, it’s important to know the whos, namely the Toledo Rockets and their season to date, their young up and coming coach, and their replacement skill players that seem to be just as talented if not more so than the player they are replacing. If you thought when starting QB Phillip Ely went down with an injury against Missouri that Toledo became irrelevant, then you have another think coming. Replacement Logan Woodside torched Cincinnati and I am sure is licking his chops looking at the completions to the seam in the middle of the field that Indiana State found so successful over and over and over. Kickoff on Saturday is 7:00PM and it’s nut cutting time in the Glass Bowl for the Cardinals. The coaches are working on gameplanning, the players focused on practicing, but it’s time for you to better know Toledo!

Team: Toledo
Record: 1-2 (0-0 MAC)
Ranking: Unranked
Head Coach: Matt Campbell
Series: Tied! 19-19-1
Last Meeting: BSU won 31-24 in 2013 in Muncie

Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell…
… is in his 3rd full season as the head coach at Toledo
… owns a career head coaching record of 18-11 (11-5 MAC)
… has spent all but two years in his 12-year coaching career in the MAC (4 of them at BG, 6 of them at Toledo)
… describes himself as “relentless”. That’s cute.
… is the second-youngest head coach in the FBS at age 34.

When it comes to Toledo versus Ball State…
… the Cardinals are riding a two-game winning streak, each coming by exactly 7 points.
… in games played in Toledo, the Rockets have an 11-7-1 all-time series lead.
… Toledo head coach Matt Campbell is yet to notch a W against the Cardinals as a head coach.
… this year’s game will be streamed on ESPN3.com or the WatchESPN app.

The Toledo Rockets…
… were picked in the preseason poll at media day to win the MAC West.
… lost starting junior QB Phillip Ely against Missouri on Sept. 6.
… replaced Ely with sophomore Logan Woodside who went 27-40 for 322 yards, 3TDs, and 0 INTs against Cincinnati.
… trailed at one point to Cincy 34-0, and mounted a furious comeback to make it 41-34. The final was 58-34.
… have a stout running game as well, as sophomore Kareem Hunt gained 101 yards on 12 carries against Cincy. He’s rushed for 100 yards or more every game this season and eight different times over his young career.
… also lost to SEC foe Missouri at home 49-24 in a game much closer than the score would indicate.
… defeated New Hampshire 54-20 to open their 2014 campaign.

Final Word: Indiana State

The Final Word 200I took Sunday completely off from football. Mostly because the one day round trip from my home outside Lexington, KY to Muncie is a doozy but also to hopefully find some sort of perspective or insight into why Saturday happened, how to be at lease somewhat positive going forward, and where to go from here. What I found was quite honestly the same feeling I had on Saturday walking out of Scheumann Stadium, insomuch as Indiana State was considerably better than I thought they were and for the time being, this version of Ball State is not as skillful in their execution as I expected and the fanbase as a whole has grown accustomed to.

People were quick to howl a Chicken Little-esque “The sky is falling!” sort of refrain after the game, pointing to the woes of 2009 as some sort of charted course that this team is following after another remarkable season with a roster cherry-picked by the NFL. To adopt that mantra would be overlooking some pretty critical things though, like how the starters on the offensive line for 2014 may be similar in talent and experience to 2009, but the level of depth in 2014 blows ’09 away. Logically, depth would usually mean a more competitive practice environment, more options for the coaching staff should skill not translate to the game, and so on.

Speaking of practice, the underlying message from Coach Pete Lembo after the Indiana State game seemed to be that this version of the team isn’t using practice time as effectively as possible, and more importantly, expecting the games to go the way they have for the last three seasons. And who can blame them, really? Ask yourself if for the prior years in the Pete Lembo Experience if given a one score game, two minutes to go, and the ball you’d even be the least bit worried?

I understand that fans and student athletes are markedly different. The sheer make up of both is what makes them what they are. Student athletes beat on tires in Coach Feeley’s dungeon. Fans grill brats in the parking lot and do 12 ounce curls over and over on gameday. But neither group is immune to the pratfalls of the other. Student athletes had an upclose view as this program turned itself around over the last few years. Why wouldn’t they believe? Why wouldn’t the “The Process” yield the same sort of results? I can’t blame them for thinking it. I do think Saturday served as a painful reminder to both that this team and last year’s team is vastly different. Even CPL said as much post-game. “We’re at where we’re at, folks. Nobody’s happy.”

So, your final word for Saturday’s Indiana State loss…

counfounding (v., present participle)
cause surprise or confusion in (someone), especially by acting against their expectations

Some other thoughts and notes on the loss…

  • In the last 21 games, this was only Ball State’s 4th loss. Whatever you may be feeling about Saturday, that sort of perspective is important
  • The loss snapped a nine-game home winning streak at The Scheu
  • Ozzie Mann set career records in completions (24), attempts (46), and yards (266). Whether or not you believe a redshirt sophomore quarterback who has had some accuracy issues this season should have been throwing it 46 times is another story
  • In the three-game stretch of Colgate, Iowa, and Indiana State, BSU has allowed just 247 total rushing yards. That’s the lowest three-game total since October 2009 (Toledo, Temple, BG: 242)
  • Speaking of defense, the 54 points the unit has allowed to start this season is the lowest through three games since the 1995 season.
  • Quake Edwards currently sits 432 yards away from being Ball State’s career rushing leader

Football Announces Student Fan Bus to Toledo

BSULogoLet it not be said that the powers that be at Ball State are not trying new things to increase student buy-in for the football program. Just when you were on the fence about whether or not to show up to this weekend’s pending MAC opener against Toledo, the athletics mothership has made it remarkably easy for your decision. From BSU…

Our football season is off to an exciting start and we have an opportunity for YOU! Help us take our Cardinal spirit on the road!

This Saturday (Sept. 20) we will be traveling to Toledo, Ohio to cheer on our Cardinals as we take on the Toledo Rockets in our Mid-American Conference opener.

We are looking to take 100 of our most spirited Ball State students. The cost is $30 and this includes transportation to and from the game on a charter bus and your game ticket. Food is not included, but you are welcome to bring a snack on the bus or purchase food at the game. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. The buses will depart from Gate 1 of Worthen Arena at 3 p.m. and return immediately after the conclusion of the game.

To reserve your spot, please e-mail thenest@bsu.edu or stop by our table in the Atrium from September 15-18 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hurry, spots are limited!

Payment must be made by Thursday, Sept. 18. Cash or check is accepted. Please make all checks payable to Ball State University. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Thurman at kathurman@bsu.edu or 765-285-8392

So there you go, students. Show up, go crazy, be sure to bathe when you get home. That Toledo funk has a tendency to be quite clingy.

Postgame: Indiana State 27 Ball State 20

BSULogoMUNCIE, IN – In case you were unaware, this Ball State team is a very different beast all together than the greatest show on field turf that we were all witness to the past several seasons. With inexperience comes mistakes, with mistakes come losses, and today saw the Cards live up to their end of that equation with a 27-20 loss at the hands of in-state rival and FCS member Indiana State.

The Sycamores played like equals if not some times betters, and BSU again found creative ways to wrestle defeat from the jaws of victory. If you had told me before the day started that my day would end with watching the Indiana State coaching staff make their way out of the pressbox dancing and screaming like teenagers at a Taylor Swift concert, I’d say you were crazy. But “crazy” got redefined today.

It was a comedy (or tragedy) depending on your perspective) of errors and oddities all day. For example:

  • Against an FCS squad, BSU fails to hit the century mark for net yards rushing.
  • The total offensive yards for both squads? Dead even.
  • 16 total punts? 16 total punts.
  • BSU defense holds ISU to 3-16 on 3rd downs and 44 net yards rushing.

The storyline of this game (at least to me) was the Indiana State passing game. It was incredibly well-timed and well-executed and Mike Perish is an FBS talent to be sure. He ended up 25-43 for 317 yards and 3 TDs and it felt like significantly more than that. Kudos to ISU for winning the victory bell. They earned it.

We’ll have  more on this either later tonight or tomorrow, but for now I’m facing a 5 hour drive and am completely and without question a mixture of anger, disappointment, frustration, and a whole bunch of other things. This one hurts. This one is going to sting for a while. I can’t even imagine how the players and coaches feel.

Ball State-Indiana State Live Post

OTP Liveblog200So we’re going to try something  a little different here at the Pylon this week. Rather than run a liveblog that’s cumbersome and tricky to navigate, we’re going to have a rolling post, this post, that will get updated as the game goes on. If you’d like to participate, drop a comment in the comment section and join along. Reminder that your first one will have to be approved, but that won’t take more than a minute or two today. Refresh the page and the new things will show up below, but you probably already knew that.

* The drivers in New Castle are the absolute worst. I’ve driven in DC rush hour with no A/C in July and would rather do that than have to go through that town and those people ever again.

* Indiana State’s offensive line is working the Ball State defensive front. Three of their first four plays resulted in first downs. That cannot continue.
* Field goal ISU makes it 3-0 and if all their drives result in 3 instead of 7, that would just be swell.
* Big return by Eric Patterson and the Cards have 34 yards to paydirt. Short fields are a good thing today.* 6 plays later, Quake finds the end zone from a yard out. 7-3 good guys.
* Defense holds Indiana State to a three-and-out and the BSU offense can go back to work. 7:47 to go in the first quarter, BSU ball on their own 34.
* ISU does the same along with an Ozzie Football sack, BSU punts the Fighting Trees down to their own 24.
* BSU defense forces a three and out, BSU takes over after a Sycamore punt at their own 34. Someone needs to let ISU know that BSU is Punter U. YOU CANNOT WIN THIS PUNTFIGHT, TREEBROS.
* Ozzie Football had a couple of nice throws on this drive, neither of which were caught. Another drive, another BSU punt. Rushing and passing both looking a bit pedestrian.
* After a stalled ISU drive at midfield, BSU takes over at their 23. Two rushes, and it’s 1st and 10 on the 41. This Cardinal rushing attack is like good bourbon. Use it frequently enough and it’s going to work wonders.

* The first drive of the 2nd was a confounding drive. Mix of great gashing runs against stops at the line. Couple of very poor pass decisions and one beautiful ball for the TD. Such is life, I suppose, when you have a first-year starter under center.
* The Indiana State TD drive, culminating in a 25 yard TD toss, was WAY too easy. Lot of separation for the Sycamore WRs against the BSU secondary and Mike Perish is a good enough QB to take advantage of it.
* Shout out to the crowd today. Fantastic turnout.
* Big series for Ozzie Football with 2:20 to go and BSU ball on the ISU 40. Have to get points on this drive. If that happens, BSU is at minimum two scores up with the ball to open the 2nd half.
* After failing to convert the drive, the oddest of things happen. BSU muffs a miskicked punt, ISU recovers, then marches down the field where BSU is called for pass interference in the end zone. Trees follow that with a TD pass and lead at the half 17-14. Last three minutes of this half was just as bad as the last four minutes at Iowa.
* On the panic scale, I’m not like, totally freaked out. But this offense has got to move the ball in the 2nd half. It is nut-cutting time for Ozzie Football because the one-dimensional feed it to the running backs strategy isn’t a sustainable kind of thing.

* Needing a statement on the first play of the second half? Holding penalty on the return and the drive will start on the 9. Chalk up another unforced error that puts the Cardinals in a hole. Biggest reason for a three and out and the continuation of PUNT WAR 2014 after a shanked Cardinal punt gives ISU great field position at the BSU 43.
* Indiana State essentially moving the ball at will through the air. It is extremely possible that this comes down to whomever doesn’t turn the ball over down the stretch.
* I will be the first to admit that I underestimated this ISU team, but this BSU team should not be trailing an FCS squad under any circumstance or situation at home. Completely inexcusable.

* Penalties, sacks, poor throws, general ineptitude all around. Whether it’s ISU is better than expected, BSU is worse, or the matchup led to one team playing head and shoulders above the other is unknown.
* I need to go back and watch the tape, but it almost appears like the game is moving too fast for Ozzie Football. I know this is his first year starting, but this is his 3rd year in the program.
* As it stands while I write this, BSU is 69 yards away from the end zone with 3:43 to go. And for the first time in a while, I have not very much confidence this works out.
* Final in Muncie after perhaps the craziest final play since maybe Arizona State/Wisconsin

OTPcast 6.8

OTP Cast Logo200It wouldn’t be OTP without technical difficulties from time to time, and the creating of this week’s OTPcast took the cake. Alas, no witty rewritten song lyrics and a later publish time than usual, but you have it for your drive to Muncie on Saturday or for your tailgate listening pleasure. This week, Alan and Jason break down the Iowa game and what the takeaways were from the first loss of the season. They also look ahead to Indiana State and talk about AD Bill Scholl announcing his resignation from BSU this week. They then move on to a terrible weekend for the B1G and the final Notre Dame/Michigan contest. Last but certainly not least they walk through Jason’s tech corner where you get all the news about your pending iLife and introduce a new game at the Pylon, What State is the Headline From. All that and more in OTPcast 6.8!

Couple of different ways to hear this puppy. Viewing OTP in a feedreader? Then visit the site or download the mp3 from iTunes by clicking here. Leave us a rating on iTunes if you like what you hear! Enjoy…

Better Know: Indiana State

indiana state sycamores logoAdmittedly, I have taken the Indiana State Sycamores a bit for granted. There’s just been so many other things going on. Bill Scholl announced he was taking his talents to Milwaukee. We’ve been pounding the pavement on a couple of big forthcoming stories on The Star Press and the AD Search (unrelated). America’s Got Talent is down to the Final 6 (Team Mat Franco) and Big Brother is down to the Final 4 (#TeamBeastModeCowboy). Also, it’s Indiana State. Are they really worth getting our britches in a twist about?

However, I would be remiss and be doing you, dear friend of the Pylon, a disservice by not adequately preparing you for the Fighting Sycamores of ISU. Therefore, it’s time to Better Know: Indiana State!

Team: Indiana State Sycamores
Record: 1-1
Ranking: Unranked
Head Coach: Mike Sanford
Series: 38-23-1, in favor of BSU
Last Meeting: 2003, a 31-7 BSU win

Indiana State coach Mike Sanford
… is 18-55 overall as a head coach and 2-12 in his second season at Indiana State.
… has a career road record of 3-33.
… will be coaching against BSU for the first time in his career on Saturday.

When it comes to Indiana State versus BSU
… the Cardinals have a 20-7-1 in games played in the metropolis of Muncie.
… 6 games were played in the Hoosier Dome. BSU won 4.
… there’s a traveling trophy known as The Victory Bell that the winner gets to keep.
… the Cards have won 6 straight against the Trees, last losing in 1987…. the Trees last beat the Cards in Muncie in 1982.

The Indiana State Sycamores
… opened their season with a 28-7 loss at Indiana.
… had a much more successful Week 2, defeating Tennessee Tech 49-14.
… watched as senior QB Mike Perish went for 383 yards passing and three TDs while running for another in that week 2 win, good enough for the 4th best passing game in ISU history.
… are 38-73-1 all-time against the current membership of the MAC.
… last beat a MAC team in 2001, triumphing over EMU.
… have compiled 242 yards on the ground in total for their first two contests. For comparison’s sake, Quake Edwards alone has racked up 196 for the Cardinals.


Cards Athletic Director Bill Scholl Hired by Marquette

Bill SchollRemember how awesome it was the last couple of years to have a competent Director of Athletics that deep down you knew was capable of doing the right thing at the right time and trusting completely? Put that feeling on pause because Bill Scholl and Ball State announced today that he is taking his talents to Milwaukee as the new Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Marquette.

To the BSU release on the matter…

Ball State Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Bill Scholl has been named Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Marquette University, effective mid-October. Marquette announced his hiring Tuesday morning, Sept. 9.

“This was a very difficult decision to make because of the momentum Ball State’s athletics department has right now and the great people I have had the pleasure to meet and work with at Ball State and in Muncie,” Scholl said. “My wife, Julie, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and will take great memories with us.

“All of our programs are in position to experience and sustain success in the very near future. A major reason Ball State athletics will excel moving forward is due to the exciting, new leadership of President Paul Ferguson. Despite having worked together for just one month, I am convinced he has the vision and great expectations for our athletic programs and will do all he can to provide the resources needed to continue the growth of Ball State athletics. The friendship we have formed was a major factor in making this decision so difficult.”

Scholl took over as athletics director at Ball State on April 30, 2012, and helped lead the Cardinals to new heights almost immediately. Ten total postseason appearances were made by eight different Ball State athletic programs in the last two years, and 13 teams placed either first or second in the Mid-American Conference during his tenure. Highlights of the postseason trips include back-to-back bowl game appearances by the football team for only the second time in school history and the women’s basketball team rebounded from nine wins the season before Scholl’s arrival to earn consecutive Women’s NIT appearances.

Ball State has had 19 specialty award winners from the MAC or Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association during Scholl’s tenure, including six league coaches of the year and five league players of the year. The Cardinals boasted four All-Americans in each of Scholl’s two years and the eight combined All-Americans represented the most in a two-year period at Ball State since the 1990s.

Scholl has hired seven head coaches, four of whom have already led their respective programs to first- or second-place finishes in the MAC, including league titles for baseball and softball. He has also helped lead the Cardinal Commitment capital campaign to raise funds to build and enhance facilities for the football program, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, and golf teams plus baseball and softball programs.

“I regret to see Bill and Julie leave Ball State so early in our time together, but I understand his motivation to seek the Marquette experience,” President Paul Ferguson said. “In my brief time here, the significant impact that Bill had on the athletics department, the university and the community was clearly demonstrated. I will personally miss his integrity and commitment to excellence. We all wish Bill well at Marquette. We will begin a nationwide search for a new athletics director and will find someone who will continue to lead our department forward. Thanks to the current state of our athletics department and the future of the MAC, I am quite confident the talent pool for this position will be deep.”

“I want to thank Ball State University for giving me the opportunity to become an athletics director,” Scholl said. “I will forever be indebted to the leadership of Ball State. I also would be remiss to not thank the incredible student-athletes at Ball State. How they represent this great university, not only in competition but in the classroom and the community, is nothing short of outstanding. Thank you for making my time here so enjoyable.”

Pete Lembo, Head Football Coach
“Bill Scholl is a great man who made a tremendous impact on our department’s culture, image on campus and fundraising efforts. I will be forever grateful for the great working relationship that we had the last two years. I wish him well in this new opportunity.”

Brady Sallee, Head Women’s Basketball Coach
“I’m thrilled for Bill and his family. This opportunity at Marquette is a great fit for him and I know he will knock their socks off up in Milwaukee! When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you learn how important great leadership is. Bill personifies exactly that. There is no doubt we will miss him greatly, but he has impacted our department deeply and set us all up for a tremendous amount of success. I wish him nothing but the best. Personally, I will always be thankful that he brought me to Ball State. My family and I are blessed to be Cardinals!”

James Whitford, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
“It was a great pleasure working with Bill over the past 16 months. He brought an energy and passion to work every day, and always had the best interest of his student athletes and coaches at heart. Bill is one of the best athletic directors in the country. He will be missed.”

Is this a bad thing? Well, it’s certainly not a good thing, as Scholl has captained the BSU athletics ship to a pretty good spot over the last two years. But whether or not this is a terrible thing is completely contingent on who the next hire is. Newly appointed president Paul Ferguson now has his first major hiring decision so let’s cross our fingers that New Bill Scholl (NBS) is a lot like Old Bill Scholl (OBS) and not at all like Old Tom Collins (OTC). Assuming that the reason for the departure is the simplest one: presumably more money at a more prestigious institution better prepared to compete at a championship level then I have no reason to think that the next AD will revert back to the incompetence that haunted the department in administrations past and take nothing serious away from the fact that an AD departed a program two years after being hired here.

Best of luck to Scholl and his family and he as he and his staff were always exceptionally helpful to the Pylon. I can only hope the next AD is as skilled and helpful as he was and champions the department to continued success on a similar sort of trajectory.

OTP will have some thoughts on possible candidates soon, but the OTPcast just got a whole lot more interesting tonight.


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